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  • Nikonos V – The Ultimate Amphibious Camera

    written by stouf on 2008-11-07 #gear #people
    Nikonos V – The Ultimate Amphibious Camera

    Hold your breath and dive into the ocean with the Nikonos V, a 35 mm underwater camera for your wet getaways!

  • The Blade Runner Bar

    written by horaciorv on 2010-11-09 #places
    The Blade Runner Bar

    Have you seen the Blade Runner flick? If not, then I have an assignment for you. Go to your movie rental store, watch the movie and if you like it, come back and read this article.

  • Staff Review: My Trusty Nikon FE2

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2011-12-13 #gear
    Staff Review: My Trusty Nikon FE2

    Community member plasticpopsicle tells hers own tale with the Nikon FE2 and all the street adventures they took in this gear review.

  • Nikon FM2n: A Lifetime Companion

    written by photohuggers on 2012-04-18 #gear
    Nikon FM2n: A Lifetime Companion

    Check out photohuggers' awesome and detailed review of the Nikon FM2n. This camera might just be your next best friend.

  • Nikon N65: A Friendly 35mm AF

    written by clownshoes on 2011-09-09 #gear
    Nikon N65: A Friendly 35mm AF

    Light, quick, plastic, grey and black with that hint of red; the Nikon N65 is a modern, compact and versatile camera for everybody. A great fitting camera for novices and advance users. Not to mention affordable. There are a plethora of these cameras available.

  • Lomopedia: Nikon 28Ti

    written by cheeo on 2016-12-03 #gear
    Lomopedia: Nikon 28Ti

    Compact, rugged, and absolutely stylish – meet the Nikon 28Ti.

  • Nikon F-501

    written by lolfox on 2010-04-17 #gear
    Nikon F-501

    The Nikon F-501 is heavy on 80's technology and what do you know, mine is still working fine! Its a clunky beast to carry around with you but this baby really knows how to satisfy.

  • Nikon EM: Pro on the Outside, Carefree on the Inside

    written by renenob on 2012-05-03 #gear #people
    Nikon EM: Pro on the Outside, Carefree on the Inside

    The Nikon EM makes me look like a serious film photographer on the outside while remaining a carefree Lomographer on the inside.

  • Lomopedia: Nikon F

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-07-31 #gear
    Lomopedia: Nikon F

    Today's featured analogue beauty for Lomopedia is a revolutionary camera manufactured by Nikon in 1959. What made this Japanese camera special? Read on to find out!

  • The Nikon F5

    written by mattcharnock on 2011-04-24 #gear
    The Nikon F5

    Here's the much awaited decided sequel of the four way battle royale for the coveted award of “Best Camera From An In Law” So, LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!

  • Nikon FM2: Awesome Camera and No Batteries Required

    written by tommynorth on 2009-03-28 #gear
    Nikon FM2: Awesome Camera and No Batteries Required

    A rugged workhorse from days of yore, the Nikon FM2 still amazes with its unique mechanical charm. We'll let Community Member @tommynorth do the talking and show you how this classic camera works!

  • Lomopedia: Nikonos V

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-09-11 #gear
    Lomopedia: Nikonos V

    Since the photography world recently became abuzz with rumors of a digital Nikonos in the works, it's time for us to revisit the Nikon system that set the standard for underwater photography when it was introduced in 1963.

  • Fuji Provia 100F: My Favorite E6 Slide Film!

    written by coolsigg on 2011-03-29 #gear
    Fuji Provia 100F: My Favorite E6 Slide Film!

    Like many Lomographers, I started my Lomographic journey because I was amazed by the strong saturated colors of cross-processed slide films. When I felt ready to venture into slide films, I tried one of the most commonly found iso100 slide film, Fuji Provia100F. My verdict? Read on to find out more!

  • Nikon N6006: The Beast from '91

    written by reneg88 on 2011-03-30 #gear
    Nikon N6006: The Beast from '91

    For 1991 this camera had all of the new technologies of the top of the line cameras. Today, 20 years later, it still is a spectacular and dependable camera.

  • Nikon AF600

    written by cubilas on 2010-10-23 #gear
    Nikon AF600

    The Nikon AF600 or Lite Touch AF Panoramic: another compact with a 28mm! Does it live up to the expectations? Read all about it in this review.

  • Lomopedia: Nikon FM2

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2014-04-04 #gear
    Lomopedia: Nikon FM2

    A favorite of many photographers in its heydays up to the present, the beautiful Nikon FM2 was an advanced 35 mm SLR camera whose features made it a dependable analogue workhorse.

  • Lomopedia: Nikon FM3A

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2014-02-19 #gear
    Lomopedia: Nikon FM3A

    Introduced in 2001 as the successor of the renowned Nikon FM2N from 1984, the Nikon FM3A is not only beautiful, but also noticeably modern. Find out more about this gorgeous 35mm SLR camera in this installment of Lomopedia!

  • Petzval Artist: The Sensitive Vision of Théo Gosselin

    written by mariemcnaan on 2014-04-25 #people
    Petzval Artist: The Sensitive Vision of  Théo Gosselin

    Théo Gosselin is an up-and-coming young French photographer. Put simply, his favorite subjects are the following: youth, love, friendship and travels. Don't be fooled by his simple desires and give yourself the chance to discover the powerful and sensitive photos he took with the New Petzval Lens.

  • Lomopedia: Nikon 35Ti

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2014-03-11 #gear
    Lomopedia: Nikon 35Ti

    Perhaps one of the most quirky yet interesting compact snappers you can shoot with, the Nikon 35Ti was Nikon's first answer to the booming market for high-end 35mm compact cameras.

  • Lomopedia: Nikkormat EL

    written by cheeo on 2014-12-03 #gear
    Lomopedia: Nikkormat EL

    Sporting a solid finished metal body and an automatic aperture priority setting, the Nikkormat EL paved the way for other electronic SLR cameras in the Nikon line.

  • Making Poetic Panorama Images with Nikon Zoom 310 AF

    written by blowpufferfish on 2010-12-29 #gear
    Making Poetic Panorama Images with Nikon Zoom 310 AF

    I started playing film cameras with a Holga 120, but the trial and error process really set me back. So I tried some point and shoot film camera.

  • Old but Still Gold : Nikon FA

    written by ndroo on 2010-06-09 #gear
    Old but Still Gold : Nikon FA

    What was once considered a revolutionary camera when it was launched in 1983, this cool SLR is still a great performer! Innovative metering system - an early testbed for the current and much copied 'Matrix Metering' system commonly found in many Nikon AF cameras as well as those of competitors

  • Lomopedia: Nikon F4

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2014-04-25 #gear
    Lomopedia: Nikon F4

    Introduced in the late 1980s, Nikon F4 was the third improvement of the original Nikon F from 1959. Read on to find out more about this outstanding professional SLR camera that remains a favorite of many photographers decades after its release.

  • Nikon F80: Using This Camera is CHEATING !

    written by cyan-shine on 2009-11-04 #gear
    Nikon F80: Using This Camera is CHEATING !

    As I evolved to Lomography from dig*censored* photography as a Nikonian, I had to obtain a Nikon film SLR to indulge in my addiction to lenses.

  • Lomopedia: Nikon SP

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2014-03-14 #gear
    Lomopedia: Nikon SP

    Touted as Nikon's first professional camera, the Nikon SP was one of the most impressive rangefinder cameras one could ever have back in the days. Still, it remains a wonderfully functional and luxurious rangefinder that works smoother and quieter than today's SLR and DSLR cameras.

  • Dufan for Fun under the Sun!

    written by spidey27 on 2013-08-09
    Dufan for Fun under the Sun!

    Summer is nice; it’s the time when the days are filled with warmth and joy, and you can spend them with lots of things to do. Summer will be special if you get some fun with the people you love, like your family and friends. One example of a great Summer activity is to visit a theme park with many rides and attractions. Read about Dunia Fantasi after the jump!

  • Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens Artist Interview: C.S Muncy

    written by antoniocastello on 2013-12-12 #people
    Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Lens Artist Interview: C.S Muncy

    C.S. Muncy is a New York City-based freelance photojournalist with a client list that includes The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday, The New York Daily News and The Village Voice. We wanted him to be one of the first photographers on try the new Petzval lens.

  • A Recap of A Year With The Petzval

    written by soundfoodaround on 2013-12-20 #news
    A Recap of A Year With The Petzval

    It's been exactly one week since the Petzval Lens became available for pre-order in our Online Shop. Ever since our Kickstarter project began in July, we've continuously been speaking to Petzval aficionados who couldn't wait to get their hands on the lens to shoot with – and what a fantastic journey it's been. The team at Lomography has also been out and about capturing city lights and the people going on their merry way beneath them and will continue to do so with the Petzval over the Holidays! As the end of the year is fast approaching, we're reminiscing on the year gone by and have compiled a list of all Petzval reviews, interviews and photo galleries. Enjoy them one by one, as we have, after the jump!