Lomography Embassy Store Taipei Member Jenny's 120 Experience: The Hazy Beauty of the Diana F+


Jenny is one of the members of Lomography Embassy Store Taipei. She has been exploring film photography for the past two years, experimenting with various techniques and using a wide range of Lomography film cameras, from 35 mm to 120 format. Today she shares her experience using the Diana F+ 120 film camera with Lomography 400 Color Negative 120 film and Lady Grey ISO 400 B&W 120 film. Let's take a look at her photos and hear her insights!

© Jenny | Diana F+ 120 film camera

Hello Jenny, welcome to Lomography Online Magazine! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, everyone, I'm Jenny, a newcomer to the world of film photography. I am curious about the effects of various films and am in the process of trying and learning film photography extensively. Currently, I mainly use Lomo cameras, with my favorites being the Lomo LC-A series, LomoChrome Turquoise film, and LomoChrome Purple.

Can you tell us your film photography story? How did you begin?

I started getting into film photography around last year. After unexpectedly receiving a film camera as a gift, I shifted from digital photography to exploring the world of film, discovering many surprises that can only be found in the realm of film. My love for photography probably began at a young age. I would often stop and take pictures everywhere I went. However, it's been the last three years when I started seriously thinking about the themes and compositions I wanted in my photographs.

© Jenny | Diana F+ 120 film camera

Can you share with us a bit about your usual work at the Lomography Embassy Store Taipei and what you like most about it? Are there any memorable experiences?

The most joyful part of my work is the feedback we receive from customers. Because there are many opportunities in the store to thoroughly understand the features of all Lomo cameras and films, every time I share my favorite camera features with customers, whether it's their amazement at Lomo cameras or films, or their excitement sharing their film stories, it brings a lot of joy and motivation. One of the most memorable moments was when a very cute family came in and bought a bunch of cameras and films just to celebrate their beloved Corgi's birthday. They even shared a custom-made cake for the Corgi. That day, the mood was filled with happiness. Another time, a customer brought in a deformed Lomo 800 film that they rescued from their dog's mouth. The metal canister was had a deep impression (also a reminder to everyone to store films properly!)

How was your overall shooting experience with the Diana F+ ?

During the process of using the Diana F+ this time, my heart was filled with both nervousness and excitement. Since I had previous experience with it, I approached the shooting more cautiously. The results were truly satisfying and exceeded my expectations!

© Jenny | Diana F+ 120 film camera

What did you decide to shoot with this roll and why?

The shooting theme was mainly based on my usual habits, capturing records of daily life and precious memories. Essentially, it's about capturing moments wherever I go, hoping to preserve more precious memories through film. Personally, I don't have strict limitations on themes. I cover a range from street scenes, landscapes, night views to portraits. However, in terms of shooting techniques, I really enjoy the surprise and dreamy feeling brought by multiple exposures and pinhole imaging, and the Diana F+ happens to allow me to experiment with these techniques extensively.

© Jenny | Diana F+ 120 film camera

How was your experience with pinhole photography using the Diana F+?

Honestly, it was a bit challenging at first. I initially attempted it without attaching a lens and used black and white film, resulting in perspectives that didn't meet my expectations. Later on, through trial and error, I found that capturing scenes during dusk and slow-moving subjects produced fantastic results.

I'm about to start experimenting with attaching lenses and using the glass lens!

Do you have a favorite feature of the Diana F+?

My favorite features of the Diana F+ are the pinhole aperture and the interchangeable lens design. Since I'm already shooting with film, I want to create unexpected effects and imaging directly with the camera. Especially in pinhole mode, I can choose to remove the lens, capturing images with a dreamy beauty between soft focus and intentional blur.

© Jenny | Diana F+ 120 film camera

What are your hopes for the future of 120 film?

As a medium-format film, 120 has its own charm, especially in terms of its delicacy compared to 135. The only regret is that 120 films come with fewer exposures, making it a bit challenging for the don't think, just shoot mentality. I look forward to seeing some new changes in the future and hope that Lomography will introduce new 120 cameras and films. I believe, in the near future, more and more photography enthusiasts will try out 120 film.

© Jenny | Diana F+ 120 film camera

What tips would you give others wanting to try the Diana F+?

Personally, when trying out the Diana F+, I would recommend making the most of the 12 full-frame exposures to achieve a more perfect shooting perspective. Additionally, consider using the Diana F+ flash at the right moments to achieve fantastic lens vignetting effects.

Thank you Jenny for sharing your photography experience with us. May Lomography continue to accompany you on your journey!

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