Synesthesia #13: Imagined Album Covers on Instant Film


Since its inception instant photography has been a staple in the music and pop culture scene. From Andy Warhol's famous instant photos to Taylor Swift using the medium for her album 1989, the unique charm of each result is always something exciting. In this edition of Synesthesia, we blend together instant photography coming from the range of Lomography instant cameras and accessories with some selections from Asian Indie Bands, 80s Synth Pop, introspective jazz and world music hits.

Credits: amanachan

This Lomo'Instant Square Glass photo by @amanachan reminds us of the '90s era of Canto Pop that was somehow influenced by genres such as shoegaze and indie rock from the West. Faye Wong's 知己知彼 (Know Oneself and Each Other) instantly came into mind with this dreamy photo perfectly capturing the ethereal essence of the song. With that, we chose two other female-led Asian acts which complement the photo as well.

Faye Wong - 知己知彼 (Know Oneself and Each Other)
Ena Mori - Heartache Generation
For Tracy Hyde - Friends

Credits: prntmkrap

Seeing this photo reminded us of the band Talking Heads, probably because of the mix of subjects and trippy colors. Lomographer @prntmkrap used the LC-A Instant Back which combines the sharpness and saturated characteristics of the Lomo LC-A+ glass lens and the convenience and charm of instant photography. The psychedelic effects he created through manipulation channel the spacey and futuristic synthesizer sounds that many acts were discovering during the 80s.

Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker

Credits: a9384c83

In Wong Kar Wai's Happy Together, the director decided to shoot in Argentina because it was a country that was a direct inverse of Hong Kong. To emphasize that feeling, he also shot some scenes of Hong Kong upside down. This shot taken in Taichung by @a9384c83 reminds us of that cinematic moment. The yellow and orange hues in the photo makes us think of afternoons strolling through walkable cities until the sun goes down. For this picture, we chose songs that would be a great companion for those looking to walk endlessly and get lost in a new city.

AIR - Playground Love
Frank Zappa - Chunga's Revenge
William Orbit - Into The Paradise

Credits: armantrio

Another movie reference, this time we go back to 2003's Lost In Translation where Scarlett Johanson's character Charlotte sings the Pretenders' Brass In Pocket while wearing that iconic pink wig. This photo captured using the Lomography Diana F+ Instant Back is just as dreamy as the film being referenced. Besides this, the outfit the subject is wearing with the leather jacket and ringer shirt comes from a time where the guitars are ringing loud and the people just do what they want.

Pretenders - Brass In Pocket
The Strokes - Life Is Simple In The Moonlight
Tommy James & The Shondells - Crimson and Clover

Credits: freakoftheweek

@freakoftheweek's Lomo'Instant Wide photo on the beach can be described as dramatic. The way the instant format can be affected by solarization adds a unique layer that you can play around with when shooting very bright scenes. The music choices paired with this photo are a mix of reflective and relaxing tunes that are perfect for watching the sunset.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Ever New
The Beach Boys - Til I Die (Long Version With Alternate Lyrics)
Piero Piccioni & Luis Enriquez - Planet of Dreams

We thank the Lomography Community for their never-ending treasure trove of photos and we hope you like this round of music selections. If you have a picture and music selections that you want to submit message @rocket_fries0036 or comment down below!

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  1. prntmkrap
    prntmkrap ·

    @rocket_fries0036 Great article! I am honored to have my photo featured. It always makes me so happy when someone finds and enjoys one of my creations. Thank you.

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