24 Reasons to Shoot 110 Film


For the 110 film format, Lomography produces a fun line of cameras, a variety of LomoChrome films, a crowd-favorite black and white roll, and the new LomoChrome Color '92 fresh from its launch. Today, we proudly share an updated and revitalized 24 reasons to shoot the pocket-sized 110 film format this year. Come and explore the film stock’s unique take on scale, grain structure, and portability (all without the worry of wasting a frame!)

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Reasons 1-12

1. A play on scale: Considered to be the ‘smallest’ film stock for its frame size of 13x17 mm, the 110 format is half the size of 35 mm but is equally as imaginative as its film format counterparts.

2. Conversation starter: For now, not too many people are familiar with the 110 film format, even less with how its cameras and film stocks look. Often overshadowed by the more popular 35 mm, using a 110 film format camera is a great way for you to introduce others to this other fun facet of the analogue world.

3. Pocket-sized and mobile: The pocket-sized build makes it extremely portable and perfect for any last minute plans and activities. Similar to the kind of feel of a flip phone, a compact kit, or even a lipstick, the 110 cameras equip you with confidence, creativity, and are just plain fun!

4. Everything, Everywhere: Jumping off of reason #3, the 110 film format is sleek enough to easily slip in and out of any situation. Capable of withstanding being in different environments and exposed to a wide range of elements, the 110 cameras are a great alternative for street photography and on-the-go moments. It’s a film format that can seamlessly blend into your every day and be a part of your daily uniform.

5. Ease and comfort: You will successfully load and unload the film stock into the 110 camera easily, without fail, every time. You no longer have to worry about accidentally exposing the film by opening the back of the camera (as sometimes happens with 35 mm and 120 film cameras) since 110 film is well protected inside the cartridge. Knowing this brings ease and comfort! No fails, no waste, and an exciting way to get started on your film journey.

6. Grain structure: A smaller film format means more grain. With images coated with vibrant colors and grain, fully embrace the charming and nostalgic look and embark on the true test of analogue photography love.

7. Channel living in the 70s, and dancing through the 80s and 90s: A film format originally produced and introduced by Kodak in 1972 grew a following from the 1970s-1990s for its ease of use and unique build. Today, with Lomography 110 cameras and film stocks, reimagine those eras through using the analogue equipment that was popularized and largely used at the time.

8. Look like a superhuman: Hold up the camera to your eyeline view, and shoot! The image of that action mimics the look of Frozone from the 2004 Disney film “The Incredibles” — especially with the Lomomatic 110.

The Lomomatic 110; Lomography's newest 110 film camera

9. Camera collection and knowledge growth: Unlock a new skill and continue expanding your knowledge of film photography! A new film format means a new perspective on things; gaining a more complete view of this visual world. While you’re at it, collect cameras that work well with your sensibilities and visual language.

10. Low Risk, High Reward: Explore the library of Lomography Color Shifting film stocks with ease. The easy-to-load cartridge makes experimenting and trying new things effortless for novice 110 film photographers.

11. 24 exposures for the 24th year of the 2000s: There are 24 exposures in a single roll of 110 film. There's no need to rewind when you've finished shooting like you do with 35 mm and 120. 110 film goes in one direction, just like life. Make every second, every frame, and every moment count this year!

12. Lomography is the only manufacturer of 110 film and it's available worldwide: All your 110 needs are conveniently in one place, with us! View our website and/or head to your nearest Lomography Partners shop to secure your film and start on your 110 journey!

Reasons 13-24

All photos were photographed with the Lomography 110 range of film stocks!

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Why else do you love the 110 film format? Do you have a favorite Lomography 110 camera and film combo?

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Lomomatic 110

Lomomatic 110

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