Jan Narciso's LomoChrome Color '92 Medium Format First Impressions

After coming across California-based photographer Jan Narciso's phenomenal portrait work we knew we couldn't miss out on the opportunity to include him in our mission to save 120 from extinction. We sent him a roll of our LomoChrome Color '92 medium format film and he's here today to show his results testing out the film in a low light setting with and without flash, as well as giving us his general first impressions of shooting with our latest film stock.

Photos by Jan Narciso

Hi Jan, welcome to Lomography Magazine! Can you please start off by telling us a bit about yourself and work in general?

Hi, I’m Jan. Born in the Philippines and raised in the Bay Area, California. I’m a portrait and fashion photographer now based in Hollywood.

How did you get into shooting medium format film as opposed to 35 mm?

My first film camera was a medium format Camera. It was a Bronica S2. I originally wanted a Hasselblad, but couldn’t afford it back then so I decided to go with the bronica and fell in love with Medium format.

Can you tell us about the concept for your shoot with our medium format LomoChrome Color '92 film ?

Kenna, the model, and I have worked on different concepts in the past. We work well together. The location of the shoot is actually in my apartment building. I just love how the couch looked and showed it to Kenna. She chose the wardrobe and it works so well for the shoot.

What was your first impression when seeing the results from your roll of LomoChrome Color '92?

My first impression was really good. I was already expecting a more subtle look and it delivered. I love the colors. Very nostalgic!

Photo by Jan Narciso

Do you have a favorite shot from the roll?

I really liked the direct flash look. The composition and her expression put it all together.

What equipment was in your kit for this shoot?

I shot with the Mamiya 7 and LightPix M20 flash.

Do you have any tips or tricks for those interested in taking the leap from 35 mm to 120 format?

Take your time with checking for exposure. Medium format rolls doesn’t have as many shots as 35 mm but the results are amazing and worth it!

Photos by Jan Narciso

What are your hopes for the future of analogue photography?

I’m hoping the film companies will create new stocks and make the prices more affordable so that new people will be enticed to shoot film without worrying about breaking the bank.

Do you have any upcoming projects or shoots that you can share with our community?

I'm working on a campaign for an independent short film. A step closer to doing it for the film industry, which is one of my photography career goals.

If you're interested in keeping up with Jan and his work, check out his Instagram and website.

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LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 120 Film

This new, unique color negative emulsion provides a burst of retro charm and classic analogue character in any film shooting scenario.

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