Lomography Partner Sheep Film Shoots with the Diana F+ 120 Camera


As part of our ongoing mission to save 120 film, we invited our partners worldwide to capture their surroundings with the Diana F+ camera and a selection of Lomography 120 film. In this article Noppasin Kanokkornkomol of Sheep Film, Thailand, shares everyday peaceful scenes of their city, Hat Yai, shot on LomoChrome Color ’92 120 ISO 400 and LomoChrome Purple 120 ISO 100–400, and talks to us about their hopes for the future of medium format film photography.

© Sheep Film

Hi and welcome to Lomography Magazine! Firstly, how was your overall experience shooting with the Diana F+? How did it compare to the experience of shooting other more conventional medium format cameras?

After testing the Diana F+ camera, the highlight that is different from other medium-format cameras is that it is small, lightweight, very easy to use, and most importantly, it comes with a flash. All of these advantages make it easy to carry anywhere.

You shot with the LomoChrome Color ‘92 and LomoChrome Purple film. Why did you choose these two films?

Since LomoChrome Color '92 was launched, it has become one of my favorite films to carry on every trip. LomoChrome Purple is a film that I am also always excited to use because it gives me photos beyond my imagination.

© Sheep Film

What is your favorite feature of the Diana F+?

I like to adjust the depth of field feature. I always feel amazed that this small, portable medium-format camera can adjust the depth of field. Another feature that I like is the multiple exposure mode, which is very easy to use.

What are your hopes for the future of 120 film?

In the future, I would like to see 120 films used more widely. Although the number of photos per roll is not as much as 35mm film, the difference is in the dimensions of the image, colors, and grain.

© Sheep Film

What tips would you give others wanting to try the Diana F+?

The Diana F+ is a small, portable, easy-to-use camera suitable for those interested in trying out 120 film. Here are some suggestions: this camera's aperture is quite narrow so if you would like to take photos indoors or in low light, I recommend turning on Flash.

What do you like about 120 film format in general when compared to 35mm?

I like the dimensions of 120 film and grain is finer than 35mm film too.

© Sheep Film

Is there anything else you would like to add?

With these photos, in development I pushed the film +1 stop to make the images have more saturated colors and strong contrast too. If anyone uses this camera to take photos on an overcast or cloudy day, you can push the film to help the photos come out with more beautiful colors.

Thank you to Noppasin Kanokkornkomol for sharing their experience shooting the Diana F+ with us!

Keep up to date with everything from Sheep Film on their Instagram page, facebook page and website.

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