Soft and Expressive Portraits in Nature by Leanne Surfleet and the Diana F+

UK-based photographer Leanne Surfleet utilizes the softer, serendipitous aesthetics of analogue photography to create work that touches upon feelings of vulnerability, loneliness and anxiety. She is just as familiar with being in front of the camera than behind it, taking personal self portraits as a form of comfort. We thought the Diana F+ would lend itself well to Leanne's style and sent her one to test out with some Lomography Color Negative 400 and LomoChrome Purple film.

Photos by Leanne Surfleet

Hello Leanne, please tell us about yourself and what you've been up to since we last spoke.

Hi! I'm a photographer based in the UK and love to shoot all kinds of film; experimental, expired, new and instant. It's been so long and I think a lot of things have probably changed, mainly I think I've just been learning to love my own company and to do what I can to make myself happy. I've taken a lot of photographs in the meantime and explored lots of different ways of being creative.

Photos by Leanne Surfleet

These photos seem to perfectly capture your style of photography. Can you tell us your ideas behind this series and how you approached the project?

Thank you! I always thought that the Diana camera worked best outside and luckily I had a chance to shoot this camera as it turned to Spring in the UK, so there were lots of things blooming around me, which always inspires me. It's also been quite a while since I've taken photos of other people, as I got so used to only shooting self-portraits especially throughout the pandemic, so I thought it would be lovely to get out and shoot one of my best friends in Spring time.

Photos by Leanne Surfleet

How did you find shooting with the Diana F+? Did you have to adapt and change the way you shoot for this camera?

It was a lot of fun and so much lighter than my other cameras. I've always loved shooting square format and I love the experimental nature of these little cameras.

I think I shot faster as it's just so easy to navigate and switch lenses and shooting styles. The only thing I really had to change was the subject, as I usually shoot self-portraits inside, but it was very much needed for me to get out and have a shoot with a friend.

Photos by Leanne Surfleet

What tips would you give others wanting to try this camera?

Just go for it. It's so easy to shoot through an entire roll. These cameras are best for people who are creative and are happy to see light leaks and other anomalies on their film.

Photos by Leanne Surfleet

What have you got coming up in 2023?

Hopefully lots more creating and exploring/travelling. I have some of my instant photography work on show in Arles, France in July for InstantArt Arles, which I'm excited for. It's been a while since I had physical work in a show.

To see more of Leanne's work visit her website and Instagram page.

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