Synesthesia #5: Imagined Album Covers of Lomography – Community Edition


For this edition of Synesthesia, we asked some members of the community to combine their musical tastes and photographic skills to see what kind of music they hear with their photo selection. We are pleased to feature the works of four talented individuals, @thehenrydemos, @crimebird, @bellechennn, and @theofromgreece, who are no strangers to the Lomography community. They have previously shared their stories and journeys with analogue photography, and we are thrilled to have them featured again in the Lomography Magazine. Through these selections, they showcase their unique photography styles and music taste.


Credits: thehenrydemos

We first encountered Mark Lentz (@thehenrydemos) when we saw his expired and colorful photos of Japan on the Lomography website. As a multi-hyphenate creative, Mark combines all his interests, which can be seen with how he takes photos – not being afraid to use expired films and shooting unlikely subjects. For his chosen picture Mark talks about trying to capture his feelings, especially expressing loneliness. His song selections are great pick-me-ups when you're feeling down, with a mix of sentimental electronic synths and funk rhythms to help you get through the day.

The only thing I ever want to capture in my photography is the sheer weight of loneliness. Not to glorify it but face it head-on. Anyway, here are tracks that help me cope with it, I suppose. Pretty low-hanging fruit of track choices but still some that remind me of it.

Beach House - Irene (Live)

Television - Marquee Moon

Funkadelic - Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts


Credits: crimebird

DIY, underground, and very community-based, Bird captures the spirit of independent music communities through their photos and shines a spotlight on how everyone can come together for the love of music. An active figure in their scene, they chose this psychedelic double exposure during a recent gig that they covered. Their selections are probably the kind of music you might hear when attending the gigs they organize and listening to it gives us a rush of energy.

I was in the pit during Gilt's set at Fest 20, holding onto my camera tightly. They're a post-hardcore band from Florida with a wildly powerful front-person, Asha. The whole crowd was throwing down so hard for the last few sets of the last day of a 3-day music festival. Like everyone desperately had to get that last flurry of feverish energy out before packing up and traveling home. Gilt met that energy and multiplied it. I caught as much of that as I could and could see it work for a live release.

Gilt - Trophy Hunter

Turnstile - Holiday

Thursday - Cross Out The Eyes


Credits: bellechennn

Always showing the drag and queer scene of Taiwan, Belle was one of the first people I met through Lomography after writing a story about nightlife reopening around the world. Her photos showcase the power of drag and how the LGBTQIA+ community comes together in celebration of freedom, self-expression, and love.

Her song selections are a mix of known queer anthems and music that reminds her of drag performances. Talking about one track, a Mandarin cover version of Bonnier Tyler's Holding Out For a Hero, she says, "It’s a theme song from a Taiwanese queer short film “Tank Fairy”, the film was released in 2021 and has been selected by lots of international film festival. The name of this song and the lyrics in Mandarin, turned the idea of 'Hero into 'Shero'. That’s the reason why this photo reminds me of this song. Not only males can be a hero, I think females, queer people, and also people in female figures, can be anyone’s savior."

Draggy Boo Boo, Drag Queen from Taiwan. Funny, sassy, and inspiring, it’s Draggy.

Holding Out For A Hero

Loreen - euphoria

Frandé - 桂花巷

Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do

Queen - Don’t Stop Me Now


Credits: theofromgreece

Theodora is a Greek photographer currently based in Berlin who got inspired to take up photography due to her time learning conservation in ancient and fine art objects. she is part of a film community called berlinonfilm and she told us about how having a support system of like-minded individuals is a great way to become more creative and inspired with photography. Filled with lush harmonies and pulsating vocals, her song choices allow are a great listen to reflect and decompress from a tiring day.

When I took this photo, it was obviously an unsuccessful double exposure. We tried to create something mimicking what's inside your mind but it didn't work. So when I had the film back and scanned it I saw more like how we sometimes talk to ourselves in the mirror. It is something that happens to all of us. We are talking to ourselves, we practice speeches for work, we react, we cry, and we open up about things we dare not speak to anyone. I chose songs that reminded me of having these types of conversations at home.

Jealous of the birds - Dandelion

Lisa Hannigan - Undertow

Orla Gartland -Did It To Myself

We thank @thehenrydemos, @crimebird, @bellechennn, and @theofromgreece for participating in this round of Synesthesia! If you have a picture and music selections that you want to submit message @rocket_fries0036 or comment down below!

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  1. thehenrydemos
    thehenrydemos ·

    Thanks so much for having me! Everyone's songs are so damn eclectic! This would make one odd but cool official Lomography Spotify playlist hahaha

  2. theofromgreece
    theofromgreece ·

    Thank you for having me and my fellow creative Lomographers. I am so happy that I joined our community and sharing my colorful stories.

  3. bellechennn
    bellechennn ·

    Thank you for having me!!!

  4. rocket_fries0036
    rocket_fries0036 ·

    love ur selections and pictures friends hehe so good

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