Learning with Lomography: Slade School of Fine Art LomoKino Workshop

From Bologna to Bandung, London to Shanghai – we have collaborated with universities and schools all over the world to give creative students the chance to enjoy their own Lomographic experiences. Through this series we see how the students brought their artistic visions to life with the help of a range of Lomography tools.

We created a workshop for a group of students from Slade School Of Fine Art in which they were taught how to use the LomoKino camera. We explored the idea of using different materials and mediums in film-making and they were given the chance to experiment and explore different ways of approaching the moving image through our LomoKino camera. We took them out to Queen Mary's Gardens in Regent's Park to test out their first roll of film amongst the roses and gardens. Then we let them use the LomoKino over the next few months which allowed them to work on their own projects and ideas utilizing this 35 mm movie camera. We talked to the students about the event and they shared some of their results with us.

"It was my first time having a go at capturing material with a LomoKino camera, though I had always been fascinated by the various Lomo cameras as objects. Discussing ideas and viewing visual material within the group and prior to trying the camera out, gave me a compelling introduction to possibilities of capturing with the LomoKino. The conversations and further research have taught me how this particular method of film making may be of a strong interest to me and perhaps, become a new addition to my multi-disciplinary artistic practice." Signe Eliza Pook

"It was exciting to develop my interest in both still and moving image through the Lomokino workshop. Seeing examples and then being led through how to operate the camera was really useful, before exploring sunny Regent’s Park to use the cameras themselves! It felt refreshing to use analogue film in this way. I am used to chunky, more heavyweight cameras but shooting with the Lomokino helped take some of the pressure off. It was an unfamiliar way of shooting, so I had no idea of what the results would be. This made me let go of wanting to make every frame perfect, and consider more of a sense of movement and dynamism in my work. I am excited to use the camera again and also work with audio recordings at the same time." - Annabella Lee

Thanks to the students at SLADE and technician Andrew Northrop for helping co-ordinate these events.

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