Learning with Lomography: Arts & Design Institute Bandung


From Bologna to Bandung, London to Shanghai – we have collaborated with universities and schools all over the world to give creative students the chance to enjoy their own Lomographic experiences. Through this series we see how the students brought their artistic visions to life with the help of a range of Lomography tools.

Today we’re covering a wonderful workshop organized by Lomography and ITB University (Arts and Design Institute Bandung) in which students got to try out a variety of Lomography cameras, and even learned how to assemble and shoot with the Konstruktor SLR DIY camera.

Let's take a look at some of the photos taken at the workshop, and read the student’s perspectives on their fun-filled day of analogue education!

Photos by ITB Art School Students
“What I liked the most about this workshop is that I learned how to build a Lomography camera. That was really fun and challenging and I also learned a lot about Lomo cameras. I've been interested for a while in analogue cameras. That's why I joined the workshop and I'm going to learn more about it!” - Jessica Gozali, Visual Communication Design student.
“To create an astonishing idea in a limited time window was a challenge. And, for me, I experienced a focal length that I've never tried, which was the Diana's 24 mm with square format.” It's such an interesting process. I liked the experience of using analogue cameras. I also liked the hands-on experience and the chance to discuss with experienced analogue photographers.” - Dio Vitto Namora, Product Design Student
Photos by ITB Art School Students
“I really like learning new mediums of photography. Having the chance to try Lomography analogue cameras was very challenging yet interesting. I have never operated any analogue cameras before, therefore I was a bit confused on some steps. Assembling the camera from scratch was also a bit hard, yet fun. Because of the Lomography workshop, my interest in learning about analogue cameras has increased.”- Aya Aidya Manti, Visual Communication Design student.
“I love to learn new things and experiment with my own artwork. I love how the lecturer explained various types of analogue cameras and experimenting with them on my own. It was really fun to try different cameras and knowing that each of them is unique in their own way. The difficulties lie in the triangle theory of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Even though I'm not new to photography, doing it in analogue came with its own challenges.” - ​​Angela Sunaryo, Fine Art student.
Photos by ITB Art School Students
“I liked assembling the Konstruktor. It felt really nice finishing the build and it held up really well when used. I like learning more about photography and that includes learning about analogue photography. I think it's really fun and also a bit challenging to try and shoot with an analogue camera so I'd like to get better at it.” - Andrea Rebecca Gunawidjaja, Visual Communication Design student.
Photos by ITB Art School
“I found an SLR camera last year but until today I never used it and always wanted to, but the films are so expensive. I liked walking around the campus taking pictures with my friends.” - Amaranila Nur Aqdin Nasution, Visual Communication Design student
Photos by ITB Art School Students
“For me, the most exciting thing was when we assembled the camera. I think that’s where the fun part is, the idea of using a camera that we’ve built from scratch (of course not totally from scratch). Even though I forgot some of the parts, so I needed to disassemble again, a few times. Other than that, I really loved capturing moments with a Lomography camera, since we didn’t know the results when we captured them. A Lomography camera to me has its own uniqueness. From its qualities to the process of it, that’s really cool.” – Davy Fadhlan Zakhiran, Visual Communication Design student.
Photos by ITB Art School Students
“Walking around campus to find objects to shoot was one of the activities that I liked about this workshop. I think the most challenging thing for me was looking through the camera’s viewfinder. The viewfinder is mirrored, which adds a bit of challenge for me. I really enjoyed the experience of using an analogue camera. The results are unpredictable. Not knowing exactly how the pictures will turn out is a great experience.” – Ardhi Izzati, Product Design student
Photos by ITB Art School Students
“Using an analogue camera is a fresh experience for me as you become more well-aware of the angles, the objects that you want to shoot and giving a way different experience and result than digital. Lomography offered a unique experience in which we could construct our own camera. It was an honor to learn more about analogue cameras. Hunting for photos was also adventurous and memorable.” – Shafira Puteri Ariana, Visual Communication Design Student
“From a lecturer's perspective, I enjoyed showing students how analogue cameras and 35 mm film work. I think those parts are relatively new for the students since they are used to digital and smartphone cameras. As a long term user of film photography, I find taking pictures with film cameras still gives me a positively different feeling compared to digital cameras, so I'll continue to use both digital and analogue medium for taking pictures.” – Slamet Riyadi, Product Design lecturer
Photos by ITB Art School Students
“I’ve always used a digital camera for documentation, so an analogue camera is a new thing for me. After learning the basics of using it, I’ve got into it. The assembly process was a bit difficult for me. Also, I wasn’t used to operating an analogue camera, so I had to adjust. Ever since I started using analogue, my perspective on photography has developed even more.” – Angeline, Visual Communication Design student
Photos by ITB Art School Students

Thank you to the Arts & Design Institute Bandung for putting on this fantastic workshop and sharing their results with us!

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