City, Nature and Purple: A Series by Christian Heidebur


Christian Heidebur, a.k.a. @christian_heidebur originally comes from the heart of Westphalia. For professional reasons, the engineer moved to Munich, where he now also lets off steam creatively, with analogue photography as his constant companion. In this article, you can get to know some of Christian's dichotomous work of the natural and the urban with the LomoChrome Purple.

© @christian_heidebur | LomoChrome Purple

Dear Christian, welcome to LomoMagazine! Tell us about yourself, did you have an initial photographic experience? What was your path to/with photography?

I shot with a point-and-shoot camera in my youth in the 90s, but no more than a handful of films. I didn't get good results and quickly lost motivation. I found my way to photography not even two years ago. This has changed my life quite a bit: of course, I always have the camera with me everywhere, I undertake much more, I walk a lot instead of taking public transport and my view and perception of my environment are now quite different.

© @christian_heidebur | LomoChrome Purple

Why did you start taking analogue photos? What is the analog charm for you?

I completely skipped the digital revolution and never took digital photos. Then in 2019 my love Irene gave me an analogue system camera with Lomography film to try out – I immediately tasted blood, as I didn't know Lomography before. But artistic and experimental photography is exactly what I like. With Irene, I also have a helpful teacher and a great motivation to experiment.

I especially like the artistic aspect of Lomography: exotic films with intense colors or false colors, double exposures, film soups, motion blur, long exposures, filters, and trick lenses. I am always amazed at what is possible in analogue and without post-processing. The analog images, with the slight blur and grain of the film, stand out quite clearly from digital images and make the charm of analog photography. For me, the process of photography is also very decisive: I press the shutter very consciously and have a very special relationship to each photo.

© @christian_heidebur | LomoChrome Purple

What equipment do you use?

I have a Nikon F3 with the Lomography Daguerreotype Art Lens and telephoto lens. For double exposures, I use my Canon EOS 500n. I also experiment with a Holga 120 and a Cosina Hi-Lite. Meanwhile, I have more than 20 different films in the fridge, some of them expired: ideal for experimenting!

How were your experiences with the LomoChrome Purple? What do you like most about it?

The LomoChrome Purple is basically the first film I ever shot with. I have a special connection to this film. I also think the surreal results are fantastic with the false colors. It makes the wait of development especially exciting. The LomoChrome Purple is definitely in my TOP 5 films ever.

© @christian_heidebur | LomoChrome Purple

What was the idea behind the series? Did the film have an influence on the choice of subject?

For me, the film definitely has an influence on the motif, or rather I choose the film depending on the motif. I like forests and was quite fascinated when I saw this forest in South Tyrol, with the huge moss-covered stones and a small lake – a surreal sight in itself. The LomoChrome Purple was the ideal film to enhance this surreal impression. I will definitely be following up on the "Enchanted Forest" series.

Double exposures fascinate me the most about analog photography because of their abundance of possibilities and surreal results. I like bringing two different subjects together that don't belong together like city and nature, creating something new. The LomoChrome Purple is great because the colors of the film make the subject seem even more surreal. I will continue this series as well.

© @christian_heidebur | LomoChrome Purple

Do you have a favorite image from these series? If so, why do you like it especially?

The forest in portrait format, with the light blue trees in the background and the mossy stones in the foreground, is dear to me, because the magical atmosphere of the forest is well conveyed here. The double exposure with subway station and tree stump I like best because here the content is best clarified, how our increasingly urban way of life displaces and destroys nature and man is increasingly alienated from nature.

© @christian_heidebur | LomoChrome Purple

Tips and tricks for those who want to shoot with the LomoChrome Purple film in the future?.

The LomoChrome Purple can be exposed well at ISO 100 to ISO 400. Familiarize yourself with examples of how exposure affects colors. Otherwise: don't think, just shoot!

Many thanks to Christian for sharing his thoughts and expressive photographs with us! Check out his Instagram and leave some love! And if you fell in love with the purple dream world of the LomoChrome Purple, you can find it in our Shop.

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