Macro photography with Antoin Huynh and the LomoChrome Color '92

We've seen the LomoChrome Color '92 in many different environments since it's release. These mesmerising close-up photos of flora by community member Antoin Huynh allow us to see how the film stock will perform with macro photography.

We asked Antoin about his film background and experience shooting the LomoChrome Color '92, and he also shared with us his fascination for capturing the many stages of a flower's life. Here's our interview with him.

Credits: nvml

Hi, Antoin! Welcome to the magazine. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Antoin Huynh. I am 37 and I am an Art Director at an art agency in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve worked on a lot of tv shows and specialize in branding and typography.

How and when did you start shooting on film?

I’ve been shooting for nearly 30 years now but I’ve been shooting film full time now for three years, ever since 2020. I was looking for a challenge and more soul in my images.

I used to professionally shoot weddings, models, commercials, and live shows so it made sense to shoot digitally for clarity and flexibility in post, but ever since I stopped shooting professionally I’ve been focusing on art and story telling. I feel like film helps give my images character and forces me to be way more intentional.

Credits: nvml

Can you tell us about your album with the LomoChrome '92?

The album I uploaded was from a trip to Huntington Library and Gardens, a frequent spot of mine. I dabble in a lot of styles of photography, but to test out a new film I usually head to the gardens.

I already know how the images will look compositionally, but it gives it a platform to show off its color tones and grain structure.

Credits: nvml

You seem to like taking photos of nature, is there a reason behind this?

Nature is a huge part of my life. I am an avid camper and used to be an outdoor brand ambassador for many brands like Lara Bar, Sierra Designs, and Alpine Start Coffee. This was my life for a long time, but it really all started when I was just a kid.

My mom always had an amazing garden full of flowers and herbs. My dad was always into new technology so my mom would always use his cameras to document her gardens. After she passed away 11 years ago, I’ve followed in her footsteps. I'm no green thumb, but I can sure document! I love how flowers are like us and our lives.

They start small, they grow, they weather the storms, they bloom, and then they die, but from that cycle it brings new life and new stories. I really like capturing those stages in life. It teaches me a lot about being objective and seeing it all from different perspectives.

Credits: nvml

Talking about your LomoChrome Color '92 shots, how was the experience shooting the new film stock? What do you like or dislike about it?

I really like the new film stock. Its nostalgic tones give it a look unlike anything out there. I also love the way the grain blends all the out of focus colors and bokeh to make such a satisfying look.

Do you have a favorite photo in that album?

My favorite photo in the album is first one, the pinkish tattered rose. I'm not a huge fan of roses, but this one had so much character and the colors have set the tone for my next zine!

Credits: nvml

Would you try the film stock again, and in which scenario?

I would most definitely shoot this film stock again. I just got it on 120 and I’m excited to take that out and about! I really want to take it out to the desert, Joshua Tree is a usual haunt for me as well and I think the colors would look great out there.

Lastly, are there any projects you'd like to share with the community?

Like I mentioned earlier, I am currently working on a second zine! it will be a collection of all my favorite flower photos I’ve taken over the last three years on film. You can follow me on Instagram @NVML for more updates! It’s also where I post all my film photos!

We would like to thank Antoin for sharing his images and stories with us! To view more of his work, visit his Instagram Page.

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