Life in LomoChrome Purple with Community Member @nermantas

Looking at community member @nermantas’ profile, it’s safe to assume that she enjoys shooting with the LomoChrome Purple! With the unique film stock she has photographed intimate moments such as a wedding, and wonderful sights on hikes and travels. It truly seems like she lives her life in these hues.

Credits: nermantas

While some save the film stock for special occasions or curated shoots, @nermantas has clearly had no problem in finding suitable subjects to capture with the color-shifting film, with several albums on her LomoHome dedicated to it.

There's a lot to love in @nermantas' photos, and perhaps chief among these things is her take on human interactions. Whether it's someone caught in the middle of a reverie, or a group of people having fun, she captures intimacy and emotions expertly, perhaps an insight into her thought process as an observant photographer.

Credits: nermantas

Since its launch in January 2013, the LomoChrome Purple has had quite a run and has become a favorite by many film shooters looking for trippy hues. In our Online Magazine, we've seen Lomographers transform the world around them with this film stock, like photographer Stephen Hutchison did in his travels to Guatemala and Fiji shared with us for the Around the World in Analogue series.

We look forward to seeing more of our community members' purple perspectives!

Credits: nermantas

We'd like to thank @nermantas for sharing her photos with the community! To view more of her work, visit her LomoHome or Instagram.

written by sylvann on 2024-03-29 #culture #people #places #lomochrome-purple #nermantas

LomoChrome Purple Film 100-400 35mm

This unique color negative film will astound you by transforming natural tones of your photo into new eye-popping hues. A revival of the psychedelic infrared look from the Kodak Aerochrome film we all love, this film guarantees astounding photographic results.

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