TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards 2018 Winners


As the biggest competition in the experimental photography scene, the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards celebrates the incredible work created by our talented Community. Through 10 fixed categories and one special category, that changes yearly to reflect contemporary global issue, we were able to see the world through different perspectives and understand what make these photographs and videos worth capturing. After a long deliberation with our panel of judges, we're ready to reveal the grand winners of our TEN AND ONE Awards. A big round of applause for our champions!


For the 2018 special category, we explored the different facets of movement — from being on the go to ground-shaking political, cultural, or artistic ideas that defined an era. Here are the best photographs that encouraged us to be on the move.

“History does not stand still. It moves People, individuals and crowds, ideas. So it is for individual stories.” - Antonio Amendola
Credits: yoannleveque, lostlittlekid, mvrv5191, damianhovhannisyan & bonnelly

Breaking Boundaries

Traveling is not just a welcome break from the monotonous rhythm of our daily life. It's an opportunity to learn more about the world — its rich culture, gracious people, and scenic places. Fuel your wanderlust with these inspiring images captured by ardent adventurers around the world.

“It has been a fantastic opportunity to experience the memorable imagery created by this year’s Ten and One participants. Everyone brought their unique vision to the game, keeping the analog spirit alive. How inspiring!” - Lanna Apisukh
Credits: jelenavolkov, fufoo, humodepipa, wil6ka & meister_pez

Game Changers

There's no one way of approaching and photographing our surroundings. How we view the world is a collection of the things we love and enjoy, all the ups and downs we experienced, and the way we've walked the earth. Take a look at these amazing photographs that offer a unique perspective on the familiar.

“It's a great opportunity to see the analog world of photography through the eyes of the participants. It seems to have actually a special magic.” - Khalifa Al Obaidly
Credits: gaz, benedettafalugi, henryohead, littlerockarolla & holgardo

Human Stories

The real challenge in portraiture is to be able to peel the superficial layers and allow someone to bare their truest self in front of the camera. Get to know the story of these strong personalities that go beyond that expressive smile and subtle gesture.

"I'm happy I was part of the TEN AND ONE Awards. I was surprised by the quality of the submissions and really happy to see all the different experimental photographs." - Sebastian Hilgetag
“What draws my attention is the depth of an image. I like being dragged in the story by an invisible hand that makes me feel part of it, feel its humanity.” - Antonio Amendola
Credits: eleonorepairet, amelia37blue, ignazioteatroperra, dumao & myfridayfilms

Now or Never

A simple shot with an instant camera can easily turn into a memorable affair that brings anyone in awe. Witness how the magic of this medium transforms minutiae into one-of-a-kind, creative prints.

“Seeing the instant photography work that was submitted this year was quite powerful. As Polaroid and other forms of instant photography continue to grow more popular, the way artists are using it grows more mature and interesting every year. Congrats to the winners! I look forward to seeing how the art-form progresses over the next year and as well.” - Kyle Depew
Credits: _baunovart_, notches, joanne61, lafilledeer & kamila_k

Off The Grid

Take a break from your fast-paced life and rekindle your connection with the earth. Allow nature to nourish your mind, body, and soul with these photographs.

“In our society of digital consumption, we most of the time undergo the relentless flows of imagery. It's important that event like the TEN AND ONE Awards allows us to look at the work of the new generation of photographers in a professional context, the "like" isn't anonymous any more and it allows to support and accompany photographers in their process.” - Pierre P. Marchal from JPPM.FR
Credits: zaruki_zanogi, smolda, corentinschieb, locutus & zimone

Trial And Error

At the heart of the Lomography movement is the Community's shared love for experimentation. Dip that film roll in acid, then deliberately process it in the wrong chemicals. The more outrageous, the better — as proven by these totally quirky images borne out of curiosity and crazy photo dry runs.

“It was great to be a part of the judging process in TEN AND ONE Awards. I was amazed by the creativity behind the photos from all over the world!” - Nural Idrisoglu
“Going through all the submissions has been an inspiring experience. Looking at all those vibrant colors and quirky compositions make me realize that we have an amazingly talented community who share their view of the world one photograph at the time.” - Mario Ferrer
Credits: metaluna, david1981, schwarzesauge & elisabethdare

Urban Explorers

Street photography is all about capturing the candidness of everyday life. See how our winners chased that "elusive moment" to turn the mundane into poetry.

“Nowadays, we expect to be photographed only with a cellphone. Taking pictures with analogue cameras gives an extraordinary freedom of action, we feel that freedom in the way the photographs submitted in the TEN AND ONE contest captured the real. It's a very nice contemporary breath of fresh air.” - Pierre P. Marchal from JPPM.FR
Credits: _nina_, erhanulusoy, popoti, Michael Ruettger & duffman


Shooting in black and white is all about balancing between light and shadow. It focuses more on bringing out that striking geometry, that overwhelming emotion, all the beauty that exists even without color — these compelling monochromatic images will show just that.

“I find monochrome very colorful. When you add the right composition and a wise understanding of geometry, you get timeless images.” - Antonio Amendola
Credits: stavard, nclauso, anttihoo & icecold0degree

Adrenaline Junkies

Onlookers, who are not as adventurous, can get a slice of the thrilling, action-packed life with these snapshots. Feel the sweat roll down your skin, hear the screeching of loud tires, and make your heart leap.

“It’s been a ride to go through the entries and I saw some photographs that weren’t just amazing but inspiring! It took some time for me to judge them but it’s all worth it. Thank you all for submitting to this competition!” - Adi Prakarsa
Credits: madelinechilici, sampsom1, schwarzesauge, moda_daniela & zaczepiamludzi


And to wrap up this year's list of impressive work, we proudly present the best of the best short movies. So, sit back and relax — make sure you have enough popcorn and soda for this mini-movie marathon.

“Congratulations to everyone who joined our Ten & One Awards and submitted their work. This year was a tough one to judge — we were highly impressed by the level of creativity!” - Sally and Matthias, founders of the Lomographic Society International
Celluloid Memories by hunterpreston
coburg/lomokino by michal_vavro
Sunday Night by jbasco
I have not seen her yet, but sometimes she appears in my stories. by lalomixu
Left Behind by brettallensmith

Congratulations to all our winners for showcasing your boundless creativity and relentless passion! You will each get a Lomography camera, plus a chance to participate in a weeklong artist residency in Vienna, Austria.

We'd also like to thank our esteemed panel of judges for lending us their time and expertise: Adi Prakarsa, Antonio Amendola, Antonio Castello, Ben Hammer, Claudia Sajeva, Daniel Stewart, Denise Skiadopoulos, Dimitri Beck, Edward Conde, Eleonore Pairet, Elisa Maccario, Eric Karsenty, Gil Rigoulet, Grant Spanier, Hiroshi Chinzei, Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi, Jeremy Cheung, Kamila Kulik, Khalifa Al Obaidly, Kurt Prinz, Kyle Depew, Lanna Apisukh, Mario Ferrer, Marion Herbain, Montague Fendt, Nicola D’Orta, Nural Idrisoglu, Pierre P. Marchal from JPPM.FR, Ramón Jiménez III, Roberto Fiuza, Rumpaporn Vorasiha, Sebastian Hilgetag, Sophirat Muangkum, Stella Gelardi Malfilatre, The Maxwells, Willie Schumann, Wong Kar Wai, and Yoshitaka Goto.

Learn more about the TEN AND ONE Awards and join our ongoing competitions here.

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