As a self-styled Visual Arthropologist I'm on the subjective path of documenting my life, travels and environment in a creative approach through analogue photography.

After several studies and living experiences across Europe, I found myself to be an artist with anthropological background, settled down in the vibrant city of Berlin.

My cameras of choice are from Soviet and GDR origin. Probably it's a nostalgic feeling towards family roots because I was born in the GDR and my wife in the Soviet Union. We are the descendants of these no longer existing countries - a lost generation. But I want to keep something of this past life alive by using those cameras.

Analogue Photography offers the opportunity to catch moments in a very special way - you can manually manupilate the camera, film, developing process and much more. With different techniques I like to preserve and present my own perception of the world and document through my artistic approach the nowadays life, culture, architecture and nature - I either display sometimes the "reality", or the world seen by me - my own universe - how I see it through the lens and which I create with every single action and analogue modification.

I develop and improve my style in "Visual Arthropology" (Visual Anthropology + Art), an artistic way of a storytelling, documenting, photographic diary of my environment, travels, experiences and observations.

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