A Photoshoot with Annabel Allum and the Lomo'Instant Square

UK musican Annabel Allum took time out from her busy schedule to talk to us about her music and love for film photography, whilst Lomography UK staff member Veronica used the Lomo'Instant Square to capture her in a sunny Soho setting.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My names Annabel Allum. Im a musician from Guildford, and just released my latest single, Beat the Birds.

What inspires you to write music?

Its strange because I feel like my answer to this question has changed so much over the years. I started properly writing when I hit puberty and was trying to make sense of everything going on internally and externally. It was my way of saying what I was thinking without putting it on the table. Now however, well.. I mostly write to document. I gain inspiration from friends, relationships, moments that I want to last forever... or sometimes I just need to write to raise a point.

You shoot with film yourself? What are you favourite cameras/film?

I do, yes! My first proper film camera was a Kodak 35 Rangefinder, it's a great camera and was the reason I fell in love with film, and the imperfections of it. One of my favourite cameras is an Actionsampler I got given. I think its an old Lomography camera. It takes four shots one after the other in sequence. Great for motion, its just so funky, I love it! As for film, Im digging the LomoChrome Purple film at the moment. Purple is my favourite colour! Im picking up a roll tomorrow, can't wait to see how they turn out. Otherwise Im a big fan of messing about with expired film, you can really get some wacky colours form if youre lucky!

What do you like about film photography?

Ok, I'm gooing to be honest here. Im a bit of a purist. Painting with pixels is all well and good, and great for online purposes, but COME ON. The realness, risk, and feel of film. it's just not there with digital. The grains of dirt, hairs, the imperfection - I love that. Film literally has a moment, a time and a lifespan. Its something of substance. Im not a digital hater, its just disposable and easy to manipulate...it can lie, and film can not. Like people.

What do you think is the appeal of instant film to people?

It feels like magic! I got a really chunky blue instant camera for christmas once, I must have been about 8. I loved it. Like seriously loved. No one was allowed to touch it because it was like a magical secret gadget at that age. They still feel just as magic now and Im 22!

What's coming up for you in 2018?

More tracks, more shows, more experiments, more creations!

Annabel Allum's new single is out on March 22nd! Find out more about her work at aannabel.com

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