The Washed Out Effect as Seen in Lomographs

It doesn't matter if people think these images are all off-the-loop. The washed out effect in film photography is one of the favorite techniques among Lomographers, turning reality into something more abstract. Pastel hues, minimal light, eccentric palettes, generous fades and feathering -- these are just some of the typical aesthetic values you'd see with a washed out effect.

Whether you're on to make subtle contrasts or mimicking acid-soaked imagery, don't forget to have fun and experiment with this style by trying it out in black and white film, as seen in the photographs below..

Soak and fade

Credits: jillianxenia, jarvislomo, crevans27 & lovelyribbons

Retro desaturate

Credits: elegia, julioaraujo, makeyuu, natalieerachel, reizueberflutung & xsara

Signs of aging

Credits: walasiteodito, amyp & kahel

Grayscale subdued

Credits: narro, kalatkid, evatje, leilamidala, sopo_lomo & derrickt56

2017-04-30 #tutorials #faded #washed-out #aesthetic

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