LomoChrome Purple Panoramics with the LC-Wide


UK Online Manager Hannah Brown loaded a roll of LomoChrome Purple film in the LC-Wide camera and created some colorful, panoramic shots. She talks about her love for this wide angle lens camera and the joy of the unknown.

I've always loved the LC-A+ as it's light, compact and so easy to shoot with, so when the LC-Wide came out I was immediately transfixed. It has all the elements of the LC-A+ with a super wide 17mm lens and some added features. One of my favourite tricks is to set the camera to half frame without putting the frame in the back. This merges all your frames together to give some crazy panoramic effects.

Part of my fascination for film photography is that feeling of never quite knowing how your images will come out. It's for this reason I decided to load up a roll of LomoChrome Purple film and spend the next few weeks randomly shooting signs, textures, skylines, buildings and a few classic feet shots. I love the way these image merge together and juxtapose to create strange, abstract collage like images. What really struck me was the colours in the LomoChrome Purple film. I was totally amazed at some of the pinkish and greenish tones that came out on the street signs and bollards.

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Lomo LC-Wide

Lomo LC-Wide

Capture your life in wide angle with the world's widest 35mm compact camera with a 17mm ultra-wide-angle lens.


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    only if you scan it by yourself but at my custom photo lab they will give me back my scan money T_T

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    love this!!!

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