Street Scenes with Sunny Liu and the Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens

Sunny Liu is a street photographer based in Hong Kong. Previously, he has taken the Jupiter 3+ Art Lens for a spin, and now we're excited to see what he came up with the Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens.

"For me, street snapping is a way for us to discover things that we overlooked in daily life. And with Lomogon, the design of the aperture dial makes it convenient to use, as I can change the aperture while I am dealing with the focus when I do street shots. I walked around the old districts, wet markets, and public housing estates, to capture Hong Kong from different angles. These shots are done at different times and most are done under the sun. I really like the contrast that the lights and shadow bring and I prefer natural lighting. There were a few shots that were done on the busy roads, as I wanted to take photos of the busy passerby. Some old ladies came by and was intrigued as we kept shooting, they wondered if there was an accident."

Watch the video below and take a look at some of Sunny's colorful Lomogon street photographs.

Sunny Liu is on Facebook and Instagram.

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Lomogon Art Lens

Lomogon Art Lens

Designed to electrify escapades great and small, the Lomogon combines the legendary aesthetics of the Lomo LC-A+ with higher-than-ever optical quality, beautiful bokeh and a unique, super-speedy aperture mechanism.

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