Miquel Soler's Japan Trip With the Minitar Art Lens


The Lomo LC-A Minitar-1 2.8/32 Art Lens is well known to bring the iconic LC-A characteristics of brilliantly vivid colors and gorgeous vignettes to both digital and analogue cameras. In his latest trip to Japan, Barcelona-based photographer Miquel Soler tested it out on his Leica M6 Camera. Check out his stunning shots!

© Miquel Soler

Hi Miquel! Welcome back to the magazine! How has life been treating you since our last interview?

Hey folks, life is passing super fast this last year, but it is bringing me the opportunity to meet new people, live new experiences, new adventures and emotions.

Where these photos were shot?

I took these photos on my last trip to Japan, specifically on the island of Hokkaido in February of this year.

© Miquel Soler

This was your fourth time in Japan. What keeps bringing you back to this country?

My first time was in 2017 when I traveled to visit a group of friends and enjoyed snowboarding the amount of snow they have in winter: if you didn't know, Japan is one of the places with more snow in the world!

Can you share with us the places you visited?

I took these pictures in the central part of the Island of Hokkaido when we were traveling from Sapporo to Kurodake.

© Miquel Soler

Which place was the most memorable and will stay forever in your heart?

This question is very hard, but probably our first time on Mount Asahidake. It's the highest peak in Hokkaido and it's a volcano, blowing out smoke from different fumaroles. It looks like the mountain is alive and breathing.

What traditions or customs impressed you the most in this country?

When you arrive in Japan, everything impresses you: how the cities and the technologies live together, neon lights everywhere...I love the people there, they are super respectful (especially in Hokkaido) and, of course I love the food. In my opinion, Japan is a must for everyone. We have a lot to learn from this country.

© Miquel Soler

These photos were shot with our Minitar Art Lens. Is there any particular characteristic about this lens you enjoyed? How was your experience with it?

The first time with the lens in your hands is a bit weird as it is super small but at the same time the weight is balanced, it's not like a toy lens. You can have the camera on your shoulder and it looks like if you don't have any lens mounted on it, it does not attract attention.

What photo equipment do you always take with you when your travel?

Depending on the purpose of the trip, I almost always carry my Leica M6 with 28 mm and 50 mm lenses and a Yashica T3 camera. This combo is massive.

© Miquel Soler

Do you have any plans for your next trip?

I have different plans in mind for the next winter but nothing is confirmed. But surely I will go out to discover some places in winter.

Check out Miquel's works on his website and follow him on his Instagram profile. Here is his second account.

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