Shooting with the Kodak Hawkeye 400

2014-01-13 3

Just what exactly is a Kodak Hawkeye Traffic Surveillance Color Film 2486? Read on to find out more about this film.

The Kodak Hawkeye 400 is a speed color negative film designed for traffic surveillance applications. With panchromatic sensitivity to 660 nm, 2486 Film is well balanced for daylight or electronic flash and can be used under mixed lighting conditions. This film can be developed in the widely-known C-41 process.

Just a few months ago, one of my friend found someone who was selling Kodak Hawkeye films in bulk. After some thought, we decided that it’d be good to buy it and try it.

I used the LC-Wide Camera to test this film out.

First, I use it without flash both indoors and outdoors. It produced a very good color, good contrast and minimum saturation. I’d also say that indoor shots look natural with good color and less grain.

I also took pictures with flash and the results are still good even there were actually not enough light for film. The colors really look natural and I bet that this film would have been really nice when used for traffic surveillance.

I think that there’s enough of this film lying around in the Internet. I suggest you start looking now and experience the “traffic surveillance” feel of this film even just once in your analogue shooting.

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  1. alvchrist
    alvchrist ·

    pre order dimana nih? kalo ada seller US yang jual bisa nih beli :D nyari2 di ebay ngga ada :(

  2. artlens
    artlens ·

    @alvchrist dapet di indonesia sih. jarang juga filmnya hehehe

  3. alvchrist
    alvchrist ·

    nah kan, disini aja engga ada... padahal warnanya asik...

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