Vintage Photo Booth in Firenze


Do you want a wonderful, vintage-looking, souvenir photo from Firenze, Italy? On the corner between Via Nazionale and Piazza della Stazione, there is a little vintage photo booth!

Just before leaving Firenze, near the central train station (Firenze Santa Maria Novella) you can have your photos taken in a wonderful vintage photo booth. Actually, four souvenir photos in black and white!

It costs only 2€ (less than other new digital photo booths that cost 4€!) to have your photos taken in this vintage photo booth. However, you have to wait almost 5 and a half minutes before the photos are ready!

The results are so stunning!

This little photo booth takes four different pictures of you in black and white. You can pose in crazy ways or just compose words with your hands like I did with my boyfriend!

It’s perfect for couples, for solo, for everyone!

In fact, there is an inscription which written in Italian which says: “It takes picture with your friends, with your dog, with your girlfriend, with the Amelie’s dwarf, with whoever you like, for a souvenir of Florence, after a bad day, with your brother.. etc…”

Be reminded that all you have are a “few seconds” (almost 30 seconds) between poses!

Be creative! Don’t think, just shoot!


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  1. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    Photobooths are the best!

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