Wilderness and Knysna, South Africa


Knysna and Wilderness are two spots in the huge stunning Lagoon area of beautiful South Africa. They are based on the Indian ocean, half way between Cape Town and Durban. Check out my stories after the jump!

Knysna is famous for it’s Lobster festival and yachts, and Wilderness is famous for it’s Full Moon beach parties and sort of “hippie” settlements. By Hippies I mean people who enjoyed Trance parties too much in the past, but then decided to go back to the roots and live close to the nature. They plant herbs and vegetables, take part in Saturday Food markets, play drums, etc.

One of the coolest things you can do in that area is to take a real old school Steam Train from Knysna to George. It takes almost 4 hours to cover 60 km, but you’ll enjoy every minute of this time and regret when it’s over. because the rail road goes literally through the top of the lakes, on the edge of the cliffs, by the ocean , and so on. Simply magic! How did they manage to do it more than 100 years ago??? That’s the good question.

Enjoy the ride! And the Lobsters!

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  1. mochilis
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    Beautiful! I love the photos with the boats!!

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