Denisa Goes on Tour With the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Black & White

Denisa is a musician based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Recently, she took our Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Black & White on the road to document her tour. Let's check out some of the photos and read her thoughts on the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera and her experience on tour!

© Denisa

Hi, Denisa! It’s great to have you here at Lomography! Tell us about yourself. What do you do? What are some of your interests?

Hi, thanks for having me! I’m a musician here in Jakarta, Indonesia. Besides the day-to-day work and adulting I have a lot of interest in stay-at-home activities. Cooking, taking care of my pet and plants, keeping things neat. I just really like staying at home.

What it’s like to be you these days? Is there any particular routine in your daily life?

These days have been slow. I work a lot from home, and other times it’s jobs outside of my daily work (performing, shoots, etc.). Honestly I really do enjoy my time at home. I follow a routine that I have been perfecting for years since the pandemic. Wake up, clean, cook for me and my partner, followed by the daily tasks. Then I wind down and do a 12 step skincare routine. I love being organized. Maybe too organized?

© Denisa

We heard that you just came back from a tour in Central Java. How do you feel after touring? Any jet lag?

It feels great! First time touring the homeland and I only hope to get to tour more places this year. No jet lag but I couldn’t feel my calves the day we got home.

What's it like to be out there performing and doing what you love? Is it something that you always dreamed of?

Surreal. To have people streaming, singing songs that you made with your best friends will never not be flabbergasting. Not a dream I've had forever but it’s forever from now onwards.

© Denisa

How did you like shooting with the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera Black & White ?

Such a simple camera to use. I loved how it was easy to carry everywhere, and how the flash loaded super quick.

Can you tell us about what you decided to shoot? What do you think about the results?

I decided to shoot the process of my tour. Soundcheck, gathering nearby the van, my bandmates hanging out, everything. It’s what made the tour so wholesome, everyone getting together.

© Denisa

Do you have a favorite photo taken with this camera?

There’s a photo of my bandmates (John and Rivo) eating a spring roll, aggressively, in Semarang. We didn’t get to do a lot of local eating, so that was a fun one for sure.

What do you think is the perfect situation for shooting this camera? Did you bring it on stage with you while performing and snap some shots of the crowd?

I’d really like to test it out for a sunny day the next time I get my hands on one! I think it’ll turn out great with the amount of grain. I wanted to bring it on stage, but I’m clumsy so that wasn’t an option!

© Denisa

What is one thing you have been dying to explore further (anything from a place to a particular subject)? What is your dream project?

Honestly, I would like to learn about silversmithing in jewelry sometime before I turn 30. My dream is to make weird silver rings one day, maybe make a business out of it.

Tell us about some of the current projects you are working on. Do you have any projects in particular you are looking forward to?

Currently I am still extending my promo on my sophomore album, St. Bernadette. Hoping to get back to the studio very soon for a third album.

© Denisa

What’s coming up on the horizon? What’s in the works and what’s on your mind?

What’s always in my mind is tomorrow’s routine and what particular things I have to get done step by step.

Any messages to Indonesian Lomographers out there?

Don’t forget to load the flash!

© Denisa

Thank you to Denisa for sharing her recent tour experience with us! To see more of her you can visit her Instagram.

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