Staying in Love With Analogue Photography: An Interview with @camera-lust

Rachel (@camera-lust) has been taking photos since she was a kid but properly returned to the analogue world in the 2010s. Since then she has been showcasing her photos exclusively on her LomoHome, where she exhibits her true self through her photos. After being part of the community for more than a decade, she talks to us about her favorite Lomography products, what she has learned over the years, and why she still chooses analogue.

Credits: camera-lust

Hi and welcome to Lomography Magazine! Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you started your analogue journey?

My name is Rachel and I first started taking film pictures when I was about seven years old, but it wasn’t until I was 13 that I really got into it and began taking a camera everywhere with me. At around 16 years old I took a black and white film photography class at my high school and fell even more in love with analogue. It was in the spring of 2011 during a visit to Colorado that I first discovered the Holga camera and joined the Lomography world. There were several years when I took up the DSLR, but it was not as enjoyable to me, so I returned to film. I haven’t looked back- I am just an analogue gal. Give me film over digital, a paper book over an e-reader, and an LP over a CD.

How would you describe your photography style?

I honestly do not know if I have an incredibly identifiable style. There was a time when I cared about composing the perfect photo and took classes to learn the science and math of using a camera. I tried forcing myself to have a certain look, but these last few years I have chosen to do whatever I want.

These photos are largely for me as I capture memories of good times, mundane times, and all the beauty I find around me. I choose to share them in my LomoHome because I feel comfortable with like-minded film lovers seeing my world as I see it. I have not been on social media like Facebook or Instagram since 2018. This is where I express myself virtually with photos.

Credits: camera-lust

What gear do you like using to shoot?

I am all about experimenting. I have a few favorites to shoot with, such as the Canon Canonet 28 my mother gave me when I began the high school photography class, and Lomography products such as the Fisheye No.2, Lomo’Instant, and LomoApparat. I usually lean towards black and white films but have been exploring more experimental and color films this past year. I get restless and switch my camera and film choices up often. There is so much to experience and so few years in life to do that with.

As a Lomographer for over a decade, what are some of your favorite products that you have used in your Lomography journey?

The products I mentioned before are certainly my favorites. When I branch out and try a new product, I gravitate back to them. They just get me, y’know?

I have been enjoying using the LomoApparat, it is my current 35 mm go-to. It is perfect for experimenting with the way I like to do it. I have been playing around with the gel flash filters and kaleidoscope lens quite a bit. They can make a photo magical and beautiful or odd and goofy, or all of that and more. You could shoot an entire roll of photos of the same subject and still make each frame unique.

Another camera would be the Lomo'Instant Wide. It's definitely a go-to. Like the LomoApparat, there are a lot of customizable features to make some really neat-looking shots with. I use the Lomo'Instant Wide for tons of candid shots and to canonize the moments I’ve chosen to capture forever. This camera is also great for taking analogue photos that you want to see immediately versus waiting to get a roll developed, while still not relying on the camera phone to capture that moment.

Credits: camera-lust

You also recently tried our newest film stock, LomoChrome Color '92. What was it like using this film for the first time?

LomoChrome Color '92 is a blast. I am about to order some more rolls. The colors and saturation are a lot of fun, I was surprised by the vibrancy when I got my first rolls of ‘92 developed.

Credits: camera-lust

What’s it like shooting in your area of Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has some stunning spots to shoot at. What I love about living and shooting here is that I can find an amazing location five minutes away if I am pressed for time, and I love that the rest of gorgeous New England is incredibly accessible from where I live. I can hit up the ocean and the mountains in one day.

What’s your favorite thing about shooting in analogue?

It is raw and genuine. For me, analogue is the gorgeous imperfect natural crystal while digital is the almost too-perfect diamond. I have always preferred the natural crystal. Analogue feels more honest and down to earth. It is fun and adventurous and finally getting that film developed provides excitement that a USB cable doesn’t.

Credits: camera-lust

What have you learned about yourself and your photography over the years?

I have learned not to care what others think about my photos as far as trying to impress other artists. I care that my loved ones are impacted when I show them my photos, I care that I like my photos, and I hope that those who do see my LomoHome can take something from it, maybe a giggle or a “what the hell is that?” At almost 36, I have learned to be more comfortable in my skin and I think it can translate through the camera lens.

After shooting for more than a decade where do you see yourself in the coming years?

Oh, I have no idea. As long as I’m still shooting film and growing as a person for the decades to come, I’ll be more than satisfied.

Credits: camera-lust

Is there anything you want to share with the rest of the community?

Do not ever stop shooting everything you see and continue keeping film photography alive!

We thank Rachel for her wonderful photos! Be sure to keep up with her by following her LomoHome

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