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Analogue photography consists of many film formats: 35 mm, 120, 110, large format, and instant photography. Each format produces different results based on the intended look and paired film stock.

The compact and pocket-sized 110 film format that was quite popular in the 90s has made a comeback in recent years. The cameras of this film format are light, portable, and very easy to use—delivering impressive results with high grain for that true film look. You may have come across a 110 film camera in films like Bong Joon-ho’s 2003 Memories of Murder or while sorting through old boxes of family members.

Lomography is the only company that produces 110 film. Overall, all of these film stocks thrive in bright sunlight and perform best when directed to complement the direction of the sun. Don't be afraid to use flash!

Explore the world in monochrome or vibrant colors with these powerful pocket films. Check out all the film stocks listed below to learn about the photographic results you can expect from each one.

Credits: goseki, loewon, bsalem4, lry12, berlin-runner, mamablue, astonuts, kingfood_0505, paulg & lalomixu

1. B&W Orca 110 ISO 100

The one and only black and white 110 film stock still being made today shines best when under the spotlight — literally and figuratively. With an ISO of 100, this film is made for daytime use and flash-y nights out. Its tiny but extremely mighty build is largely known for the high contrast, dark deep shadows, and incredulously sharp grain it produces given the small film size.

Development Process: B&W
Exposures per roll: 24

Credits: kleeblatt, cryboy, materiagrezza, blikka, zenjohnzen, neneohcs, bnjmn, austinamonette & jochnowicz

2. Color Tiger 110 ISO 200

Lomography’s signatory color negative is a community favorite that makes you believe two things: (1) you’re on an endless summer vacation, or (2) deep into autumn with its warm pastels and vibrant hues. That’s to say it works its best muscles when outdoors: basking under the sun, surrounded by the cool blue breeze and sky amidst its earthy tones.

Development Process: C-41
Exposures per roll: 24

Credits: loewon, kingfood_0505, tinyframetales, pixleepics, mattmccollum1313, blikka, ces1um, jochnowicz, ck_berlin, pacomateo, bonnelly, naosuke, ser2173, marius94 & flanders

3. Lobster Redscale 110 ISO 200

Passionate, fired up, and ready to head into the heat of it all. True to its titular name, the Lobster Redscale snaps up your images with a fiery personality and energy unique to its chemical formula. As with all the 110 film stocks, the brighter, the better for this sun-loving ISO 200 film stock. Compose your photographs to work with the best kind of light available to highlight its array of ambers, reds, and oranges.

Development Process: C-41
Exposures per roll: 24

Credits: johbeil, loewon, mpscheerer, hughlin, jolom, berlin-runner, orkidear & hanshendley

4. 2021 LomoChrome Turquoise 110 ISO 100–400

With its newly-improved 2021 formula, the LomoChrome Turquoise is meant to surprise, challenge, and imagine what it would be like to live in a fruit-punch-colored inspired world. Enter into another pocket-sized universe that materializes into intergalactic scale and sensibilities with the Turquoise’s ISO range of 100-400. Fear not the powerful color shifts! Embrace the unique and unexpected!

Development Process: C-41
Exposures per roll: 24

Credits: nyata, thenss, norbi, lry12, ghostflowerfresno, elwynreverie, bighousefilm & serolfitnas

5. 2021 LomoChrome Purple 110 ISO 100–400

Next in the LomoChrome line is the ever-fun and enchanting LomoChrome Purple. In a land where greens turn to purple, and reds stay burning red, all’s well ends well when working with a generous ISO range of 100-400. A film stock often favored for landscape photographs due to its complementing color shifts for flora and fauna — creating a purple-infused natural world — can also easily be assimilated into more urban spaces too.

Development Process: C-41
Exposures per roll: 24

Credits: txr53, ginnyfree, arthouse, victoriavictosha, somapic, crismiranda, bnjmn, kacherry, painkiller1990 & eyeye

6. 2021 LomoChrome Metropolis 110 ISO 100–400

With its iconic “bleached bypass” look, the LomoChrome Metropolis is a favorite of many film photographers. On the more gritty and desaturated side of the color wheel, the Metropolis isn’t afraid to be dramatic and look good while at it. Punchy contrasts, muted tones, and grain is what makes this film stock so great for cityscapes, wide open spaces, and the like. In true metro form, the Metropolis is the perfect companion to take with you on your contemporary journey and beyond with its ISO range of 100-400.

Development Process: C-41
Exposures per roll: 24

Credits: erina, niinana, austinamonette, somapic, nonspecificscientific, candeeland, materiagrezza, kentarou, oukrid, peterpan61, pacomateo, emathisen & brule

7. LomoChrome Color ’92 110 ISO 400

The latest release from the LomoChrome line is the nostalgia-loving, 90s memory-inducing LomoChrome Color ‘92. “Retro charm” all packed into this palm-sized 110 film format makes it perfect as an everyday film to turn to. With versatility and latitude thanks to it's ever-balanced and ever-reliable ISO 400, the Color ‘92’s strong contrasts and pulled-back saturation transports you to a lived-in moment you don’t want to let go of.

Development Process: C-41
Exposures per roll: 24

Credits: tinyframetales, ayushatya, brule, flanders & freetoothpicks

Pair these 110 film stocks with the Diana Baby 110 & 12 mm lens, Fisheye Baby, or Lomomatic 110 and share your photos with us using the hashtag #HeyLomography and by uploading them into your LomoHomes!

Lomography 110 film selection

Which of the 110 Lomography film stocks will you be photographing with next? Shop online and view the entire 110 film stock line-up here or head on over to your nearest Lomography Partner store.

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