First shots with the new Lomography Lobster 110 Redscale.

Lomography Lobster Redscale (110) (available in our shop)
Red Lobster


  1. sobetion
    sobetion ·


  2. hanshendley
    hanshendley ·

    Thanks @sobetion!

  3. deryosch
    deryosch ·

    this is magnificent!!!

  4. alicebee
    alicebee ·

    Seriously, I bought a baby fisheye ONLY because of this pic ! But I tried to do the same and my picture sucks, it didn't work out : light rectangles appeared between eached photo and it doesn't look as good as you :'(... Any advise ? Did you use the baby fisheye 110?

  5. alicebee
    alicebee ·

    (Sorry for sounding so obsessed, I just really LOVE your pictures !)

  6. hanshendley
    hanshendley ·

    @alicebee Well I checked on this and as it turns out the roll I shot this on was a pre-release of the red lobster film that I was sent to test. It didn't have the frame rectangles on it. I was excited to see this and hoped that the final version would be the same so I could do it again but no such luck. A similar effect could be achieved with a Diana F+ and Fisheye lens though! I hope you are enjoying your fisheye baby regardless!

  7. hanshendley
    hanshendley ·

    @alicebee and thank you for the kind words :)

  8. alicebee
    alicebee ·

    Okay now I understand !! Thank you so much for the answer :) !