Tipster: Multiple Exposures With the Lomo'Instant Automat and Lens Attachments


For this tipster on Multiple exposures, we are focusing on the different lens attachments that come with your Lomo’Instant Automat Camera.

In your package you will find: A wide angle lens with a view of 90° and an equivalent focal length of 21 mm, a close-up lens attachment to get up to 10 cm from your subject, as well as a fisheye lens that has an impressive 170° angle of view and closest focusing distance at 10 cm.

Photos by: Elisa Parrino

We wanted to take advantage of these three attachments and mix and match the lenses to create portraits that stand out of the ordinary and that will highlight your friends' features in a new way.

The first thing to remember when shooting double exposures is that dark areas in the first picture will remain as space that can be used for the second image, while the highlights will be destroyed. It is important to plan accordingly when framing your photos.

Photos by: Elisa Parrino


We decided to shoot outdoors. We used the wide angle lens attachment for the first picture and the close-up attachment for the second. We also didn't use any flash, and we left the Lomo’Instant Automat on auto mode.

We have tested different lens order to choose which one will give the best results. And we settled on the sequence of a wider picture first and detail in the second frame. What is important is to have even lighting in both images, with sunshine and shadows that will create space for the multiple exposures to come through and have that lovely texture visible.

Photos by: Elisa Parrino

The background that worked best for this set of images was of a flat surface rather than an intricate street scene, where the second picture could show better.

Indoor images turned out darker than we wished for, especially without a flash to compensate for the light situation. While outdoors we recommend being careful to not overexpose the frame when pointing into bright sunlight.

Ideally, the best scenario is a bright sunny day with your subject not in direct sunlight.

What is your favourite multiple exposure technique? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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