Friends on Film: Photos by Cullen Lowe with the LomoChrome Metropolis and Petzval 80.5 MKII Lens

Like many photographers, the first subjects we approach are the ones closest to us—friends! A recent college graduate and software developer, Cullen Lowe uses photography as an outlet to have fun with his friends, plain and simple. He shares his thoughts on how he explores his creative style with the help of his friends and his experience testing out Lomography Metropolis 400 with the Petzval 80.5 MKII Lens. Whether spontaneous or planned, Cullen is always ready to shoot.

Photos taken by Cullen Lowe Models: Alyssa Bram, Erica Gonzales, Jeslyn Ochoa

Hello Cullen! It’s nice to have you here at Lomography! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m always bad at this question. I’m a Christian first and foremost, a recent college grad, software developer by trade, and photographer for fun. I’ve been shooting for about 5 years now and love to try out new cameras and films. I spend a lot of time with friends or family so that is usually what I take pictures of. When I started out I had a lot of time on my hands so I would go for walks and take pictures of whatever caught my eye on the trail. I guess that’s it. I really like photography and I really like my friends so I just try to have both those things work together.

How did you get into photography?

My dad was the one who got me interested. He got a DSLR when I was a kid and took a ton of pictures anytime we went on vacations, and I thought it was the coolest thing. It took until I went on a study abroad trip in China with a Fujimax Instant 300 to actually start shooting. From then on I’ve been shooting in all different formats and styles.

Why do you still shoot film?

Honestly, I just think it’s cool. It definitely makes me think about the shot more which I believe helps make me a better photographer overall.

Photos taken by Cullen Lowe Models: Alyssa Bram, Erica Gonzales, Jeslyn Ochoa

How does a day of shooting unfold for you?

It’s either very planned or completely chaotic. There are some days where either I or one of my friends has an idea of what we want to do and we go to our site and get the shot really quickly. The other days, which are way more common, I just know that I want to take pictures so I just bounce around from place to place with my friends and try to find something cool. My days of shooting may usually be chaotic but they are definitely some of the most fun.

How did you shoot the Lomochorme Metropolis? (at which rate, with which camera?)

I shot Metropolis at 400 with a Canon Rebel X and the Petzval 80.5 Mark II.

What did you like about it?

It really makes everything very dramatic I think and I really enjoy that. The muted tones and yellowish tint to it just make me feel like I’m in a movie.

Photos taken by Cullen Lowe Models: Alyssa Bram, Erica Gonzales, Jeslyn Ochoa

In what setting do you recommend shooting it?

If I had to do it again I think I would have shot at 200 instead of 400, but even still 400 worked awesomely and I love how everything turned out.

How would you incorporate it in your workflow?

I’m a hobbyist so I really can’t say there is much workflow to be had in general, but I am in a lot of urban or downtown environments so I would definitely make sure to have a roll with me whenever I’m in those settings.

Do you have any project we should be on the lookout for?

Still figuring out what I want to do with it, but I have a Bronica S2A that I haven’t been using nearly enough and a ton of Lomo 400 color that is just itching to be shot on. So maybe you’ll see something new and different for me on my site or Instagram.

Where can our readers see your work?

I have an Instagram and a website. I tend to do cropping that doesn’t make it to my Instagram so if you want to see a pic the way I actually want it I’d go to my website, but look wherever! I’m just happy that people will see my work period.

To see more of Cullen's work, check out his Instagram and website.
Cullen would like to thank Digital Pro Lab for developing the film.

written by kaylalew on 2021-08-18

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