The City Is a Choreography: An Exhibition With Melissa Shriek


We got to know Melissa Shriek's poetic portraits not too long ago in an interview, and now the artist takes her performative images to the public in the exhibition the city is a choreography, opening on 7 November at Dot Project Space, Berlin.

The Supermarket by Melissa Schriek, courtesy of Dot Project Space

Named after her 2017 series, Melissa's work encapsulates the expression of poetry in motion with how she cleverly builds and connects relationships in daily, mundane environments that get often overlooked. Shot on film, Melissa takes her time to craft and perfect the choreographies for her models and subjects as to how they will relate to the urban space, and in some photographs, with others. Moreover, Melissa's entire creative process when taking these pictures are also collaborative and communicative.

The body form is crucial in Melissa's compositions, believes that it's a sculptural tool for her to communicate feelings, emotions, and ideas, that even a simple form and gesture of a hand can change the context of her work.

Untitled, The Look, The Playground by Melissa Schriek, courtesy of Dot Project Space

Melissa has mentioned before that her photographs require dynamic energy and a bit of eccentricity, allowing room for contrasts with meanings. Her choreographic approach in photography reveals alternate realities with how her models portray characters and depict a story.

The show will premier a performance, which will also take place every Saturday. The exhibition will run on 12 December.

Visit Dot Project Space's Instagram. For more information about the artist, visit her website.

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