Hi, I'm Fin. Used to work part time as a freelance commercial photographer (before Clip-Art and the Internet) and also in a darkroom (and photography) teaching center before digital technology took over. We had several of the 'first consumer grade digital cameras' at the photography center for review and trial; they were all rubbish!

They aren't so rubbish now, but I still prefer using film. The act of using film with a little box with a hole in it and then some magic liquids appeals to me far more than transferring data, prodding buttons and staring at a computer screen for hours!

A few years ago, I dusted off my Nikon F and started using it. Since then, I've collected a lot of properly nice cameras and fine lenses at silly prices, so all I need to do now is keep feeding them with film!

All pics scanned using either an Epson V700 or Coolscan IV-ED with very little if any editing.

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