Fashion Photography on Film: Workshop With La Clandestina de Poblenou and Lomography Cameras

This past month we collaborated with La Clandestina de Poblenou, a local self-organized cultural association in Barcelona. Through collective projects related to creativity, art, culture, society and gastronomy, La Clandestina seeks to generate a positive impact on the neighborhood and its inhabitants, encouraging the social and sustainable development of the area.

We organized a workshop focused on fashion photography on film hosted by photographer Marta Pilotto. The participants had the opportunity to explore this photographic genre using our film and cameras including the LomoApparat, Simple Use, Fisheye No.2 and Lomo'Instant Wide. Check out the wonderful results below, and read what Marta and the participants had to say about the event!

Marta Pilotto - Color Negative 400 ISO film
I confess that I was a little tense at first because it was my first time hosting a workshop, but the group of participants immediately made me get over this feeling: they were very proactive and with a great desire to learn and create. For some it was their first approach to fashion photography, a branch of photography they were already curious about but had no prior opportunity to approach; in fact, they told me they signed up without thinking twice. I was also contacted privately by several other interested people on the waiting list, who asked if they could still come even if only as a spectator.
Marta Pilotto - Simple Use Reloadable camera
It has been a wonderful experience (which I hope to be able to replicate), so much so that when time ran out they were all willing to continue the Workshop outside the host facility, but we had all run out of film. Thank you again for proposing this to me, I am honored! - Marta Pilotto
Marta Aljama de Freitas - Simple Use Reloadable camera Color Negative 400
It was a wonderful experience, the model chosen for the workshop was a marvel because it was very easy to work with her, besides having Marta Pilotto as a mentor in the field of fashion (a field that I have never touched) has been a revelation. Normally I do other types of photos, but with this workshop I have discovered another facet of photography for me unknown. For not having ever done these kind of photos before, the results have made me pleasantly surprised, as it is a field in which all the details, the pose of the model, the way the dress falls, the light and the interaction with what we have around, makes a photo spectacular, otherwise it is a normal and ordinary photo.
This was the first time I used both a Lomography film (although I have one at home waiting to be used) and a Lomography camera, which I intend to buy. In my case, I also tried the Simple Use Reloadable camera. I had not used it before so I made several mistakes, such as fingers in front of the viewfinder (luckily they were easy to remove and I could save several photos that in my opinion are good, but just have my fingers on them). But that's what it's all about, trial and error. So I will use a Simple Use camera with a Lomography film to practice with it, as it is very comfortable to carry and takes very good photos.
Marta Aljama de Freitas - Simple Use Reloadable camera Color Negative 400
I am very glad to have been able to participate in this experience because I have been able to learn a lot and it has been very nice and fun. It is another way to express yourself and create magic with photography, which for me that's what it is, magic, especially with analogue photography. I really hope to see more of these events because I would participate again without thinking about it. For me, digital photography has reached a point that it takes away the magic that made me fall in love with photography and decide to dedicate my life to it. It is a good way to bring the origins of photography closer to people and make it accessible and comfortable, since these are not cameras like the old ones. For example mine (Minolta) is heavy, big and you have to be patient to focus. This is analogue photography adapted to a modern society.
I look forward to another event like this. Having Pelussa Eder as a model and Marta Pilotto as a mentor has been a joy. - Marta Aljama de Freitas
Sophie Marie le Mouel - LomoChrome Color '92 with LomoApparat camera
The workshop was super, for being free, the truth is that I have no complaints. [...] I hope you will have more workshops in this style or with other themes. Why not a more creative one? - Sophie Marie le Mouel
Elaine Cardoso Fernandes - LomoChrome Metropolis with Fisheye No.2 camera
All the participants - Lomo'Instant Wide
Naomi Fonta - Color Negative 400 ISO with LomoApparat camera

Model: @pelueder
Fashion designers: @bibianblue and @carlospinedamx
Fashion Press & Showroom: @marcjuancomunicacion

Thanks to all the participants and to the amazing host Marta Pilotto! Follow La Clandestina de Poblenou to check out all their events and stay tuned for more workshops like this one!

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