Lomography Awards: the TEN AND ONE 2019 Winners


Currently running in its fifth year, we created the Lomography Annual Photography Awards: the TEN AND ONE as a means to celebrate the creativity, talent, and passion of film photographers worldwide. As the biggest competition in the experimental photography scene, we aim to put the spotlight on undiscovered individuals, whether they are a hobbyist or already working as a professional photographer and share their unique way of seeing the world through our 11 diverse categories—10 fixed and one that changes yearly to reflect contemporary issues.

After a long deliberation with our esteemed panel of judges and Lomography staff, we're proud to announce the winners that captured our attention with their thoughtful and eye-catching visual stories. Put your hands together to the champions of our Lomography Awards 2019!

Climate Change

As the Special Category for 2019, Climate Change encouraged everyone to raise their cameras and make a stand about this pressing global issue. Witness how the rapidly changing environment affects their lives and those around them.

Credits: bilqisok, coala, erhanulusoy, hervinsyah & stevejack0

Adrenaline Junkies

Hold on tight and fasten those seatbelts — these action-packed snapshots definitely put us on the edge of our seats. Don't step on the breaks and welcome these thrill-seekers to the finish line!

Credits: an4, cinedar, comikanalog, dupdupdee & rancliffhasenza

Breaking Boundaries

Traveling opens up an opportunity to discover more about the world and about yourself. Where are you heading to next? Follow the lead of these ardent globetrotters and take home a piece of those adventures in the form of a striking snap!

Credits: chivasregal, -dakota-, gaz, gmushinsky & myleskatherine

Game Changers

There's no one way of seeing your surroundings. From different film-camera combo to exploring a new angle, get ready to see the world from a new perspective with these mind-boggling photographs.

Credits: duffman, juniardigiugno, lomonina, orangebird & ruimiguelpedrosa

Human Stories

Taking a photograph of another person may sound easy in theory. But in practice, it requires a certain level of trust between the photographer and the muse to be able to truthfully tell a story. Learn how to capture a compelling portrait through these winning shots.

Credits: agostinavallesaggio, crismiranda, damianhovhannisyan, eleonorepairet & philr


Black and white photography will never go out of style. Let these masters of the monochrome show their refreshing and riveting take on this classic medium.

Credits: blackbyrd, dudor, lucia_and_jakub, mot11 & popoti

Now or Never

Instant photography is often seen on casual and spontaneous shoots, but these Lomographers definitely went a step further and elevated this medium!

Credits: dpphoto6, elisamichelini, ilovefrenchfries, systemdevice & terrynye

Off the Grid

Take a break from those pixel-driven routines. If a commune with nature is still a far-flung plan, rest your eyes and calm your mind with these breathtaking photographs of Mother Earth.

Credits: amelia37blue, bwaaart, carcinome, chrislovelock & visualwasted

Trial and Error

Experimentation has always been the cornerstone of the Lomography movement. From film soups to clever multiple exposures, gander at these images that go beyond our wildest imagination!

Credits: andycurtis, elisabethdare, hellopixels, teresa_raw_analog & vonbitchfisk

Urban Explorers

The crowded city became the muse of these eagle-eyed photographers who are always in search of amusing yet fleeting moments to capture. These snapshots would definitely make you want to take that film camera everywhere you go.

Credits: ilcontrariodime, melissafro, philr, stevenwong0815 & vquintard


Are your sodas and popcorn already at hand? Find the comfiest couch, we're ending our winners' roll call with the most entertaining short movies lovingly and beautifully made using an analogue camera!

The Field Trip by TTSvision
A Search for Home by Willem van den Heever
Music Video “Alfarroba” for Steven Gillon by Leonor Alexandrino
Make Her Mine by Sebastián Droz
Hasta los tuétanos by Rómulo Peña

All our winners will get a Lomography camera each and a spot in our Hall of Fame. Congratulations!

We'd also like to thank our Community members, LomoAmigos, and friends from the press for lending us their time and expertise as part of our jury for this year: Aislinn Chuahiock, Amaia Hodge, Cagla Gulkilik, Christine Voss, Cristóbal Valdés, Christine Bartolucci, Eduardo Espinoza Chávez, Francesco Gozzi, Dusit Semangoen, Fumihiko Suzuki, Franck Gonnaud, Georgina Glaser, Haiyin Lin (林海音), Jerry, Jonathan Paragas, Johanna Olk, Laetitia Duveau, Leah Frances, Lee Tsung Ming (李宗銘), Lertkiat Chongjirajitra, LithiumSociety, Louis Dazy, Marta Huguet, Mihály Alagi, Morgane Erpicum, Nicola D’Orta, Nuria Cabrera Sancho, Paul McKay, Photoblog.hk, Paul del Rosario, Pierre Pomonti, Pietro Contaldo, Ricardo Moreno, Sebastian Alvin Setiawan, Sebastian Gansrigler, Sebastian Kortmann, Torsten Dittkuhn, Qiang Yin (银强), and Xiao Dao (回形岛).

Learn more about the Lomography Award: the TEN AND ONE and join our ongoing competitions.

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