A Beginner's Guide to Liquid Experiments with the Sutton's Liquid Filled Lens


Just finished building your own LomoMod No.1 camera? Here come the limitless possibilities! The LomoMod No.1 camera comes with Sutton's Liquid Filled Lens ⁠— the gamechanger of the whole kit. An homage to Thomas Sutton's invention of the panoramic, water-filled lens, Sutton's Liquid Filled Lens expands experimentation as it enables the use of liquids at ease and convenience. Here are some fluids you can use and the various aesthetics they can bring to your analogue photography.

1-2-3 step liquid-filling with the Sutton Lens

Antique Aesthetic with Coffee and Tea

Ever wondered how vintage photos have that slight brown tone? Sepia toning was a big hit in the 1880s when the process was developed not only to provide a bit of color to black and white photos, it also helped preserve the prints from aging. Now, you can recreate the same earthy, brown-toned vintage aesthetic now with Sutton's Liquid Filled Lens without the taxing darkroom process! Got some leftover coffee or tea from your morning cup? Drench your shots with the leftover liquid by injecting them to the tubing attached to the Sutton Lens.

Photo by Birgit Buchart (USA) using the LomoMod No.1 camera + Sutton Lens

Acid Rain with Beverages

Usually, you'd need various concoctions of chemicals to create surreal, dreamy, acid-washed photographs. Many experimental artist photographers take the risk of tampering their films in the darkroom. Now, you can jump on to the surreal trip with effortless yet colorful results. Save up a bit of cola, soda or beer, dilute it a bit with some water. Use a syringe to inject the fluid to the tubing connected to Sutton's Liquid Filled Lens. Better yet, use expired films to further add texture to your images!

Photos by Yoshiyuki (JP), Shawn (JP) using the LomoMod No.1 camera + Sutton Lens

DIY Watercolor

Become a painter with Sutton's Liquid Filled Lens just by using substances you can find in the kitchen cabinet! Head over to the kitchen cabinet and see if you have any bottles of food coloring. Mix the food coloring with water ⁠— depending on the vibrancy and intensity you're going for, you can put more or less of the food coloring with the mix. You can also use colored ink! This technique will lead to color-splashed, yet crystal clear images. Of course, you can also try using saltwater in the mix for surprises!

Photos by Daniel Schaefer (USA), Shawn (JP), Yoshiyuki (JP) and Phyllis Chan (HK) using the LomoMod No.1 camera + Sutton's Liquid Filled Lens

Explore the endless possibilities and experimentation with the LomoMod No.1 and Sutton's Liquid Filled Lens!

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  1. 1conocla5t
    1conocla5t ·

    You guys should come out with a kit similar to the Lomography experimental lens kit for micro 4/3 cameras but with this cool liquid lens. I'd totally buy that. I love the weird concept.

  2. wahiba
    wahiba ·

    the shutter unit has an M39 x 1.0 thread, any help?

  3. herbi79
    herbi79 ·

    Hi, I love this liquid filled lens. But my english is too bad to read/translate all this. I´m from Germany. Is thera a possibility to get this lens adapted to my full-frame sony a7MkIII? Please answer in german language. -:) herbi79

  4. jesseedwards
    jesseedwards ·

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