Edward Conde Captures the Nostalgia of Disneyland with the Minitar-1 Art Lens and Lomography Film


For those of us who grew up watching many movies and TV shows, Disney has been a formative presence. From early morning cartoons, to going as a family to watch the latest Pixar movies in the theaters, we have many fond memories of experiencing Disney.

For people who are lucky to live in certain cities, they can experience Disney in real life by visiting one of the many Disney Theme Parks around the world. Lomographer Edward Conde (@edwardconde) recently captured his experience at Disneyland using the legendary Minitar-1 Art Lens and experimenting with outlandish film stocks such as the Redscale XR and the new LomoChrome Color '92. With the help of this uniquely Lomographic set-up his photos create a particular sense of nostalgia and sentimentality.

Credits: edwardconde

Edward has been an analogue shooter since 2014 as he wanted to preserve the memories he was making with his eldest daughter. Starting with digital he soon began to experiment with all forms of analogue photography, from 35 mm to instant films and medium format. He describes himself as a snapshooter whose results tend to showcase his part of the world. He invites viewers to see the world as he sees it.

Coming from Southern California, he's only a stone's throw away from the "happiest place on earth" which is why he has shot the famed theme park a few times on film. Looking back you can see that Edward embodies that experimental spirit, trying out pinhole shots on rollercoasters, shooting Redscale in Medium format, and even the 110 format. He always has a fun time shooting at Disneyland as there's always something new and exciting, especially during the holiday months when the place is dressed up more than usual.

Disneyland is a fantastic place to take photographs. There’s so much to see and capture, especially during the holiday season, such as Halloween or Christmas. During these times, the park has a different vibe, and the extra decorations and events provide more photo opportunities to capture the special parades or Disney characters running around in themed costumes. Don’t forget to fuel up on churros, popcorn, and a banana split to keep your energy levels high while you’re exploring the park and taking photos!
Credits: edwardconde

For his most recent trip, he decided to try out the Minitar-1 Lens, the same lens found on our iconic and much sought-after Lomo LC-A series of cameras. Combining this camera with the Bessa R3A rangefinder, he has a compact and powerful setup that can easily capture the fast-paced environment of Disneyland thanks to the 2.8 aperture and zone focus lever.

The size of the lens is what really caught my attention. I’m a sucker for pancake lenses, and when I saw this lens, I knew I had to get it. Since I already owned a couple of LC-A cameras, I had an idea of the output I would get from the lens. The Minitar allows me to have more creative control when mounted to my M-Mount cameras or adapted to my Fuji X digitals. Its compact size makes it easy to travel with, and the 4-step zone focus stops make focusing a breeze. Whenever photographers are looking for an alternative to their normal M-mount lenses, I always recommend this lens. The character of the lens, such as vignetting and saturated colors, gives photos an extra pop.
Credits: edwardconde

The LomoChrome Color '92 film combined with the Minitaur lens produces a cool and saturated tone in the photos. While this film stock is typically associated with vintage tones and a sense of nostalgia, I find it fascinating that the shots were taken in a futuristic section of the theme park, creating an interesting contrast.

I was impressed with the results and colors I got out of the LomoChrome Color '92 film. The punchy colors, especially red, orange, yellow, and blue, were particularly impressive. I think this film worked great for the Halloween theme at Disneyland when I visited. Additionally, the grain and grit of this film really add to the overall look of Color 92, making it a unique film option for creatives. It’s a nice throwback film that pays homage to the looks of the early 90s. I think that Lomo Color 92 and the Minitar are a perfect combo!
Credits: edwardconde

After liking his Redscale results on 120 mm he decided to try it again using the 35 mm variant. With the warmer tones scorching each picture, it's as if he's going around Disneyland on a warm summer day despite it approaching the winter season. The red and orange tones also create an aura that exhibits what most people think of California. The images of famous Californian palm trees tucked against the West Coast setting sun is easily seen through these photos. That said, Edward also thinks the effect gives a more sci-fi element.

On this trip to Disneyland, I wanted to experiment with different film stocks like Color 92, Adox Color Mission, and Lomo Redscale. I’ve been a big fan of Lomo Redscale for many years and had shot a Redscale rollback in 2015 at Disneyland with my LC-A 120. However, I had never tried it with 35 mm before. My idea was to see what Disneyland would look like on The Red Planet (Mars) and I’m glad I did! I think places like Disneyland and fairs are where creative films like Lomo Redscale shine and give a unique look to normal scenes.
Credits: edwardconde

These photos demonstrate that apart from the subjects you capture, the type of film and lenses you use can also greatly affect the mood of your photographs. By using the Minitar lens along with the Redscale XR and LomoChrome Color '92, these shots taken at Disneyland evoke a nostalgic feeling for a place that holds countless memories for many people. This style is definitely worth trying if you want to add warmth and emotion to your photos.

Credits: edwardconde

We thank Edward for his wonderful photos and be sure to check out more of his work by following his LomoHome. What combination of gear have you tried recently? Let us know down below!

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