Livin' the (Analogue) Life With Frenchyfyl


Web and print graphic designer Philippe Multeau, aka frenchyfyl, is a Lomography community member since 2011. Looking at his photographs gives us joy — snapshots taken of and with family and friends, awesome picture-postcard places, and special memories — in a spectrum of bright colors and happy smiles.

Credits: frenchyfyl

How did you discover Lomography?

In 2011, during a trip to Barcelona, I came across a Lomography Store in the old town area, and it was a revelation. I did not even know that film photography still existed! I left the store with a Diana and I have since abandoned digital photography! Shortly after the Diana, I bought a La Sardina. Then, over the years, the purchases kept going: a Lomo LC-A+, a Lomo LC-Wide, a Fisheye 2, a Sprocket Rocket, a Supersampler... a real addiction!

Credits: frenchyfyl

What do you love about the Lomography community?

In 8 years, I got to know a lot of people from all around the world! We exchange tips, we do "films-swap", we share our photos together. When you live like me in a very small village lost in the countryside, you do not often meet people who practice film photography. With the Lomo Community, I know that I'm not the only one loving this medium!

Credits: frenchyfyl

What I also like is looking at the pictures of the Community, and seeing the daily life of ordinary people, just like me, who do not live in my country. Places where I may never go... It's fascinating! In general, I have a particular affection for LomoHomes that fit into the original philosophy of Lomography (shooting without thinking with low-fi cameras). I like the fact that Lomography takes away our complexes: we are not pros but we do not care, we're just there to have fun!

Frenchyfyl 's favorite photo, taken with the Lomo LC-Wide

What do you love about film photography?

With digital photography, we gradually downgraded photography. We can shoot the same subject 200 times, thinking that there will always be one or two good shots in the pile. We end up with full hard drives, not having the time to select or print on paper. The pictures don’t have any value anymore, too quickly forgotten because too numerous.

Credits: frenchyfyl

With film photography, we rediscover the delight of taking time, understanding how things work, and not shooting frantically because it costs a bit. Every shot is therefore unique, whether it’s good or not! I also like the fact that I don’t get to see the pictures right away, that I have to wait for the development from the lab. I always make sure to have a film loaded in each one of my cameras, and when I'm about to go out, I take one randomly. So, sometimes it takes me several months to finish a film. When I send a film to the lab, I often forget what I took with it. It’s a surprise! With digital photography, there is no surprise, therefore no magic...

If you want to see more of frenchyfyl's photos (we bet you do!), follow him on his LomoHome.

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