Lomography Tutorials: How to Add Character to Your Shots by Using Simple Lens Hacks


Being creative is one of the things we take pride here in the Community. Just hit the search bar and you'll find many nifty tricks to up your photography game. The best part about it is that you can do it in just a few minutes. Just like these two simple tips we're going to show you featuring the Neptune Art Lens.

These tips could also work with other lenses, with varying results...but that's the beauty of experimental photography! A little imagination goes a long way. All you need are some household materials and a dash of patience to bring back excitement into your photo routine.

Add Some Flare to Your Shots

Instead of going all crisp and clear with your shots, why not go the other route by choosing to add lens flares to your images? It's safe to say that we've all had an experience with lens flares and surprisingly, some images turn out to be quite good. Remember, you're looking to add character to your shots so be patient and experiment with different settings to get your desired result. It can also help if you use a clear filter to help attach the fishing line to your camera's lens. Cut, tape, and fix. It's that easy!

1. Get a length of thin (preferably transparent/translucent) fishing line or nylon thread

The first thing you're going to have to do is to get some fishing line or nylon thread. You would need enough fishing to run across the diameter of your lens. You won't see the fishing line in your photos.

2. With two separate pieces of fishing line, create an "X" pattern on your lens.

Using two pieces of fishing line, arrange them across your lens to create an "X" pattern. This is a simple but effective way to add lens flares to your shots as light will hit the fishing line and disperse light into your lens. You could also experiment with other patterns like arranging them in different angles, or parallels, horizontal or vertical.

3. Secure the fishing lines on your lens with tape.

Using a few strips of sticky tape, secure the fishing lines to your lens by taping the ends to the lens barrel. This is to ensure that they stay in place while you are taking photos.

A Few Sample Portraits

Results may vary depending on the positioning of the fishing line on the lens.

Try the Droplet Effect and Mist Your Lens

Now, this is a really simple one! All you have to do is get a spray bottle and lightly mist your lens filter and attach it to your lens. This trick makes your images look softer and it also helps to add some mood to your shots. The best part about it is that it almost costs nothing if you have a spare clear lens filter lying around. The droplet or mist effect looks especially nice when paired with a good lighting source.

1. Attach a filter on your lens.

For our tests, we used a Multi-coated UV filter, but you could also experiment with other filters you have available. We recommend using a lens filter for this one since you wouldn't want to risk damaging your camera or lens with the added moisture.

2. Using a spray bottle, lightly spray water droplets on the filter

Be sure to spray just enough water to create tiny water droplets on your filter's surface.

Just like what we did here with the Neptune Art Lens!

Be sure to keep the water droplets on the filter!

The Results

This effect looks especially nice when paired with a good light source.

Didn't we tell you earlier that a little imagination goes a long way? Well, we hope this pays off when you start shooting!

Sound off in the comment section below and share your tips and tricks! Don't be shy! :)

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  1. jm60
    jm60 ·

    These techniques can actually be applied to any lens. Another technique too, is to apply vaseline (petrolatum) to the front of a lens (Better to use a protector filter, UV or Skylight filter for their clarity and to keep important lenses clean.) too to create very soft focus points as well.

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