Around the World in Analogue: A Month in Morocco


In this travelogue, student and Lomographer Amichay Tamar a.k.a. @tamat gives us the privilege to witness her month-long stay in the mountainous Kingdom of Morocco. From the capital city of Rabat to the scenic High Atlas mountain ranges, her words and images tell us the story of her adventures and the friends she made along the way.

Credits: tamat

I traveled in Morocco from mid-December 2017 to mid-January 2018. This time frame was probably one of the most touristic times to travel, and the weather was rainy. If you travel around this season, a raincoat is your best friend. Yet I was still able to enjoy my trip, especially through the Atlas mountains, Fez, Chefchaouen, Essaouira and Agadir to list my favorites. Not only because of their beautiful aesthetic but also the laidback atmosphere.

A long lasting memory during my trip was taking a hike through the Ziz Valley with a local guide, Ahmed Abdel Aziz Mahmoud – the man with the blue Tuareg scarf – whom I met and became my good friend. He would speak to me in French and broken English. Even though I don’t speak French we were able to have great conversations. He would explain to me about the different crops that grow in the valley as we were walking through fields of potatoes and olive groves. He taught me a lot about Moroccan lifestyle and habits, and he was a very warm and welcoming person – which goes for almost all the people I met in Morocco.

Credits: tamat

Even though Moroccan cuisine is filled with vegetables and legumes, the locals happily made vegetarian versions of traditional meals and dishes for me to try – as a vegetarian, this is such a blessing and I'm grateful. When in Rabat, I was invited to eat couscous at a local family's home. I have loved couscous my entire life and wanted above all to eat and experience authentic Moroccan couscous. The couscous dish which the family prepared, which is traditionally eaten on Fridays, was nothing like I have ever tasted before. It was heavenly. The couscous was made from scratch and was so fresh. We ate the couscous with steamed vegetables together from the same plate – the Moroccan way.

Credits: tamat

I don't think I have ever drunk so much tea than in Morocco. Mint tea specifically is associated with Moroccan hospitality and is offered (and at times forcefully) given to you at all times during the day. At first, I thought this was simply hot water and mint, which is why I added sugar to my tea like I always do. Except in Morocco, traditional mint tea is extremely sweet because they add about three sugar bricks to each serving pot of tea – which if you can imagine is a lot of sugar. Yet you learn to appreciate this taste and the social aspect of mint tea – which I highly recommend.

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