Who Run the World? Rising Female Photography Stars


Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Robert Mapplethorpe – throughout history, incredible images by brilliant men have graced the walls of galleries and splashed across the pages of magazines, becoming household names and pillars of popular culture. Now? We think it's time for a little bit of girl power. We're on a mission to find the wonderful women redefining analogue in a digital age – and our heads are spinning from all the stunning shots we've come across so far. Check out these fantastic female photographers!

Kamila K Stanley

Kamila K Stanley is a self-taught, British-Polish photographer. With a sharp eye and lust for color, her portfolio seamlessly spins together brazen fashion editorials, magnetic portraiture, and poignant documentary work, exploring themes including insomnia in Japan and youth in the Middle East. Her work has won international prizes; been published by VICE, Dazed & Confused, i-D, The Huffington Post and more; and showcased by MoMA PS1, Paris Photo, Betahaus Gallery, and Foyles Charing Cross. Her debut music video will be released in January 2019. To see more of Kamila's captivating work, check out her website and follow her on Instagram.

Maya Beano

Maya Beano is a research scientist based in Cambridge, UK. She was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. For Maya, there is no better way to express her thoughts than through her images. Maya is mostly inspired by timeless landscapes and the ever-changing moods of nature, her favorite kind of landscapes being winter landscapes. She has shot several series of images in the arctic regions of Norway, Sweden and Iceland. For this Lomography feature, though, she has picked some of her favorite photos taken closer to home. To see more of Maya's stunning photography, take a look at her website and follow her on Instagram.

Jade La Mélancolique

When Jade took her first picture, her Pentax KM became a way to counter the passage of time. Using her Lomo LC-Wide, she creates beautiful multiple exposures that reveal a new space, a new instant, a new picture. For Jade, photography is the antidote for melancholy; knowing that there is an image, a trace somewhere that allows us to reconnect the remains of memories and rekindle them. Jade's pictures are often moments from her daily life – the ordinary, stolen smiles, loneliness in cafés and the melancholia of grey days in Paris. She sees photography as a way to capture the poetry of everyday life before it's forgotten. To see more of Jade's beautiful work, follow her on Instagram.

Do you know an amazing female photographer who should be on this list? Post a link to their Instagram or website in the comments, and we'll check them out!

written by Martha Reed on 2018-11-17


  1. lunasimoncini
    lunasimoncini ·

    Ohh woow! Girls power! <3

  2. lozzie
    lozzie ·

    YES I KNOW at least 2 amazing female photographers that absolutely be apart of this!
    Cassie Staub IG handle @lifeisghost
    Katie Krulock IG handle @katiekrulock website: www.katiekrulock.com

  3. milicat
    milicat ·

    Although I believe that art is endless in its forms and you can do whatever you like with your photography, I am a little bit annoyed with promoting photography that's been improved by using software as Photoshop on this website. I'm not against it, results are beautiful and I admire those artists, but it is not how I understand Lomography.

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