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Being experimental and creative is the essence of being a Lomographer. We don’t shy away from wild effects and lovely coincidences, and that’s a fact! We love those exciting streaks, leaks, flares, and color shifts but sometimes, you just have to take it slow and refresh your photographic palate. The solution? Keep it simple and make clean and clear images.

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Join us as we count the ways on how you can make images that are relaxed, clean, and crisp. You’ll have plenty of time to follow your passionate film pursuits afterward!

Shoot Under Good Lighting Conditions

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A big part of taking cleaner photos is lighting conditions. Shoot with too much light and you risk washed out shots, while the opposite can make your photographs look too dim. Get the right amount of light in your shots and you’re one step nearer to cleaner, and more crisp-looking photos. This is especially true if you are using lower ISO films. Remember, the higher the ISO rating, the more sensitive the film is to light. The lower that rating, the more light your shot will need.

Use a Tripod

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Vibrations are a no-no when it comes to taking clear photos. Shakes from unnecessary hand movement can greatly affect the quality of your images, especially if you’re shooting at night. Shaky hands will produce blurry and sometimes out-of-focus shots. Take advantage of shooting with a tripod if you really want to get that perfect portrait or that elusive low-light shot.

Choose the Right Shutter Speed and Aperture Setting

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These two factors go hand in hand, focus on just one and you risk under or overexposure. Pick a setting that goes well with the other. In general, shooting with a smaller aperture helps with taking clearer photos. Adjust for the aperture and use the corresponding shutter speed that will let the right amount of light into your lens. Try out different combinations to find your sweet spot!

Use Quality Glass

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Investing in good quality glass lenses is another way to ensure that you take clearer photos. There are a lot of options in the market that can let you take tack sharp images. But don’t be feel limited to just buying lenses. Some cameras with non-interchangeable glass lenses are also prized for their sharpness. Don’t be afraid to look around to give them a try.

Mind Your Focus

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This may sound obvious, but focusing on all other different factors in your shot will mean nothing if you fail to focus properly. Remember that you’re composing a frame to get the clearest image possible. Focus is the top priority here. Make sure that your turn the focusing ring/lever to the right setting or you’re in the correct distance if you’re using autofocus. It’s simple, yes, but sometimes the little things like this evade us. Be mindful of it!

How about you? Got any neat tips and tricks up your sleeves to get clearer, cleaner, and crisper-looking photos? Share them with our Community Members and sound off in the comment section below.

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  1. srcardoso
    srcardoso ·

    If camera hand held, never shoot at a shutter speed slower than 1/(focal lenght), that means that if you're using a 50mm, you shouldn't go slower than 1/50s shutter speed. But in my case, I always try to shoot at at least 1/125s or faster.
    Also, if you use lens filters, try to get good quality ones, with thiner rings to avoid ugly excessive vignetting.

  2. tomczykd
    tomczykd ·

    @srcardoso absolute right! Like a simple rule, but many of us forget about it.

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