An Instant Experience: Wayward x Austin Santiago test the Lomo'Instant Square

The unstoppable Lomo'Instant Square: Social Media is already filled with tons of shots with the Hashtag #lomoinstantsquare but also offline, our foldable favorite is spreading out into the streets, homes and stores across the country. Our friends at Wayward carry the Lomo'Instant Square in store now too and called up all their own Amigos to test and shoot the worlds first dual format instant camera. The first lucky guy with the Wayward x Lomo hookup was Austin Santiago. Whether running DO206, managing bands and musicians, or just being an all-around good dude, Austin is someone to know.

Austin Santiago

Here is Austin's Wayward x Lomography Instant experience:

“March was a busy month: a trip to SXSW to see some of my favorite bands and people, a stop by the best radio station in the world, KEXP, fireside tacos with my beautiful girlfriend, a music industry panel with Ms. Meli for Fremont Abbey Arts, a trip to Pike Place, a sandwich at By The Pound from my mans Yohiness, and finally sipping a delicious cup of joe from Porchlight Coffee & Records as I sit here writing this. Life moves fasts when you’re staying busy.. I’m thankful for my Lomography Square for helping keep the memories alive, one photo at the a time. Here is a few snaps from my travels. Enjoy!”
– Austin Santiago
Austin Santiago

Left: I told Yohiness he made a mean sandwich and he made this face.

Right: Pool and the roof and 80 degree weather? Not bad Texas… not bad!

Austin Santiago

Left: My Brooklyn buds Plastic Picnic tearing the roof off of the Do512 Lounge.

Right: They aren’t actually related but they are an awesome band named Sisters!

Austin Santiago

Left: Back in Seattle just in time for an KEXP in-studio with Superorganism. This bands RULES!

Right: Texas was great but so good to see my Queen Kendra.

Austin Santiago

Left: Being on a music industry panel with your mentor is a pretty awesome feeling… thanks Fremont Abbey Arts!

Right: Spring is near and the market is bumping!

Austin Santiago

Left: Breakfast with a view… what a beautiful place to call home.

Right: This is Zack. He owns Porchlight Coffee but in his free time draws silly drawings and pets dogs. Be like Zack.

Swing by our friends at Wayward and check out the Lomo'Instant Square avail

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Mentioned Product

Lomo'Instant Square Glass

Lomo'Instant Square Glass

The Lomo’Instant Square Glass is the first and only fully analogue instant camera on the planet Earth to produce Instax square pictures. It lets you capture the world in a powerful snapshot while the square frame paves the way for wacky compositions. With a 95mm glass lens (45mm equivalent) and an automatic mode that takes care of exposure, the Lomo’Instant Square makes shooting super sharp, perfectly exposed snaps easy.

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