LomoAmigo Angela Izzo with the Petzval 85 Art Lens


Angela Izzo's dreamy photographs have captured our attention once again. Based out of Los Angeles, Angela's work continues to stun us. This series using the Petzval 85 lens has transformed her work and gave her some amazing portraits.

Hi Angela, welcome back! Tell us, what inspired you on this photographic series?

Thank you! Like most of my series I don’t want to photograph just a pretty face, but a face that I am inspired by what they are creating. For this series I chose to work with a continuing muse, musician Lauren Ruth Ward, and medicine woman Lizzy Jeff.

You seem to draw from a lot of dream-like themes, can you elaborate on that?

This lens put me into a natural dream-like state, almost like an acid trip. My muses for this series did an amazing job playing into the fantasy, using flowers as a theme, and to celebrate them as women. I like creating a dream scene out of a normal place, turning it into something that takes place within the mind’s eye.

This series of photos have some amazing compositions, can you take us through your thought process with compositions?

At first I was using the tripod for the shots, but then I started to shoot free form, playing with the rack focusing to see what kinds of effects and compositions I could create. I really like the way they came out.

How'd you like working with the Petzval 85 Lens?

It’s sometimes a bit intimating using new equipment, but I thought I picked it up really quickly. I liked the manual focusing knob so I can play with the focus points.

Working with this kind of lens, did you approach your photographic style differently?

This time I wasn't using film, and just focusing on the Petzval lens using my 5D Mark IV, so I had a chance to explore on a digital level, but still get a dreamy, filmic look through the lens. I shot some video as well, and was pleased to be able to add fluid textures to the background that are extremely unique and surreal.

What advice would you give to any photographers trying out the Petzval 85?

My advice is to try it out and see what happens. Having a nice range between your subject helps. Playing with the angles can create some surreal effects.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I directed and shot a music video with “Pair Of Arrows” using the Petzval 85, that will be out soon on Blank City Records. I am also going to use some of the photos from this series in a collaboration with illustrator artist Anna Karakalou in an upcoming art show in Los Angeles. So stay tuned!

You can follow Angela's work on her instagram and on her website.

written by sarahlindsayk on 2018-03-19


  1. sarahlindsayk
    sarahlindsayk ·

    @verokark her website is izzoimages.com/ the URL seems to be working, but her website link is here if you want to see more of Angela's work. Thank you for notifying us!

  2. lomographysoholondon
    lomographysoholondon ·

    lovely stuff!

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