Lomography Konstruktor: The Camera for the Rookie Street Shooter


Once the street photographer sets their foot outdoors, it's like being unleashed into the wilderness — the concrete jungle.

According to PetaPixel, the most common problems the typical street photographer faces are these: unfamiliarity with the gear, standing out and attracting unwanted attention, false perception, social anxiety, and guilt. These can be very difficult problems to have and sometimes they're so overwhelming that they hinder the photographer's shooting.''it hinders the photographer to actually shoot.

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For beginners, it's an overwhelming experience, and the best way to deal with it is to pick out the best companion:, the Lomography Konstruktor. The Konstruktor is not a typical SLR— it's as small as a compact camera yet handy enough for intuitive, and high-quality street photography. It’s a DIY camera that not only teaches the technical build and know-how of using, it also propels the photographer to keep shooting with beginner-friendly functions. The other good news is, switching from bulky and complicated to small and simple can do wonders!.

Attract Less, Shoot More

Rest assured that once the photographer straps on the latest bulky tech from the camera market around his or her neck, more eyes will surely follow the photographer’s every move!

Jennifer Berube writes in Sleek Lens that people will most likely to stop with what they're doing once they notice a camera is pointed at them. Hence, they lose the decisive moment. Not to mention, a camera too huge and flashy will attract passersby, giving the photographer looks and expressions that would easily make the shooter uncomfortable.

Credits: sobetion, smolda & ccwu

When finally built, the Konstruktor camera becomes a small, discrete piece of kit, camouflaging itself with the photographer. Spanish advertising photographer and Konstruktor advocate Pasquale Caprile described his own street grind with the camera in an interview that the camera can easily “disappear”:

Forgetting the Fear of Bad Output

Even with the best, latest gear, bad pictures can happen, not because they are faulty or bad in quality but because the photographer is not comfortable with his camera. So many buttons, so many options, yet so little time.

Things are more straightforward with the Konstruktor: no battery needed, fixed shutter speed of 1/80 with a focal length of 50mm, plus it has plastic, durable build which makes it easier to sit in the palm of your hand. Being comfortable with your camera is key, and the Konstruktor easily fits the bill.

Credits: dakadev_pui, why-yu & dannykeighobadi

Social Anxiety and Stress Reliever

What truly keeps the street photographer from shooting more and taking daring risks is the fact that they care about what other people might think... "Would they mind if I put the camera here?", "Will they get angry if I take this photo?", "Am I being too obvious?", "Is it okay to ask him for a portrait?" Let's face it, the voices in your head won't go away by keeping the status quo. The Konstruktor's humble size yet astonishing delivery of results easily relieve the photographer's fears when on-the-go, allowing the shooter to produce more images whilst maintaining the desire to experiment.

In an interview, LomoAmigo CC Wu found the camera more liberating than she expected:

Credits: smolda, orangebird, iblissss & dakadev_pui

Thanks to the Konstruktor’s simple and practical design it allows the photographer to get over these social hurdles. The Konstruktor aids its master to overcome all pervading fears and problems of street photography — the ideal street partner.

Make sure you’re equipped for your street stroll with the Lomography Konstruktor, available in the Lomography Online Shop and Gallery Stores.

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