Lomo'Instant Square: Captured Tales from the Party

Throwing an awesome party is always a good idea! Invite a couple of friends over and dance until your feet hurt. A reunion with old friends will bring up lots of old memories and encourage you to make new ones. What better way than using the world's first fully analog instant camera that shoots Instax Square film -- the Lomo'Instant Square -- to keep all those moments close to you?

Great music and good company will make your party unforgettable, especially if you have photos to prove it. Show your friends that life is more exciting when you step into the world of instant photography. They will have great stories to tell, and you will master the skill of throwing an awesome bash. Let's create magic together and pre-order the Lomo'Instant Square now!

2017-10-13 #news #instant #instantphotography #lomoinstantsquare

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