Around the World in Analogue: Visegrad, Hungary


“Around the World in Analogue” is your bite-size guide to the most amazing travel destinations across the globe, as documented by the members of the Lomography community. Today, lomographer YoungKyung Sohn (@yksohn) recalls a memorable trip to Visegrad, Hungary with her two best friends.

Name: YoungKyung Sohn
LomoHome: @yksohn
Social Media: Instagram - @youngkyung.sohn, @staybroke_shootfilm, Tumblr
Camera: Canon FTQL
Film: Kodak Ultra Max 400
Location: Visegrad, Hungary

Visegrad is a very peaceful place which is about 40 minutes away from Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, by train. This trip is special to me because I visited this small village with my two best friends (who were also my colleagues) I made while I was working in Budapest for 6 months. Also the fact that one of these friends hardly woke up for the train because she was so hungover and ran to the train station with her make up on from the night before made this trip so funny. Furthermore, we had to climb up the mountain for about 40 minutes all the way up to citadel to watch the magnificent view of Danube river, and she made it there perfectly with her super high heels on. This is what I love so much about her! Anyway, it was November 26th, Saturday, 2016, and it was like one of the very few Saturdays that we didn't have to go to work. Thus we decided to make a short one-day getaway trip to somewhere out of Budapest and took the train at 10:20 AM.

When you get out of the train station at Visegrad, you should first take a ferry to cross the river to go to Citadel. As long as I remember the ferry was running once or twice every one hour so we just fooled around beside the river for a little bit, drawing our names on sand and throwing rocks in the water, waiting for the ferry.

When you cross the river by ferry, there appears another small village with the Palinka museum, (Palinka is the name of the traditional liquor of Hungary), a beautiful church and an awesome antique shop where we spent about 30 minutes looking at all the old stuff. From this village you should climb up the mountain for about 40 minutes as I mentioned before. It wasn't so easy for us but It was totally worth it, for that the view from the top was breathtaking, and we also met such cute cats along the way.

A short getaway to Visegrad is one of the things that embraces my memory of living in Hungary. If you are traveling (or have a plan to travel) Eastern Europe, I strongly recommend to visit this quite and peaceful region with your craziest friends.

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