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The Diana camera is one of those shooters that have a cult following. Some would even say that introductions aren’t needed but heck; we just love it so much that we’re doing a feature on it again!

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We can’t blame you if you want to see the Diana and its other colourful and newer counterparts, it’s just that good! The original Diana camera is a simple looking plastic medium-format shooter that has its roots in 1960s film mania.

People caught wind of its soft focused shots, distinctive vignetting and a whole slew of other remarkable features. Soon enough, various manufacturers from all over the world created their own version of the Diana. This was the beginning of an out pour of Diana clones with different designs, functions, and quirks!

Well, we couldn't just sit on the sidelines so we also gave the Diana a makeover and released different Diana F+ editions!

Diana F+

The Diana F+ started as the tribute to the original Diana. Equipped with new features for a more modern time, the Diana F+ redefined the "Diana" effect by giving users stronger vignetting, outrageous shifts, and so much more. It was also the gateway for the multitude of colorful and quirky editions that followed!

Diana F+ Cortina

Clad in cute baby blue colors and graphics, this special winter edition Diana F+ is a perfect shooting companion for colder days! Its cuddly appearance can make even the grumpiest subject smile with the fun winter memories depicted on its body.

Diana F+ Black Jack

Super sleek and in all-black, the Diana F+ Black Jack makes medium-format shooting a stylish experience. Only few are immune to its monochromatic charm and dreamy square shots.

Diana F+ True Blue

Say goodbye to gloomy days with the ever-so-bold Diana F+ True Blue. Shoot fantastic square shots in style with this head turner of a camera. Flash photography recommended!

Diana F+ Winter Nocturne

With only a limited run of 1000 units, the Diana F+ Winter Nocturne is a rare gem when it comes to Diana clones. This edition is adorned with a beautiful wolf illustration and comes in an elegant copper body.

Diana F+ Honeycomb

The Diana is known to be a camera for any occasion. This time, she's going to the classy side of town! The Diana F+ Honeycomb is a stellar-looking edition that will surely attract the spotlight with its gilded honeycomb styling. But that's not all, this edition also has a rich story -- it was actually released to raise awareness on the dwindling number of honey bees in the world.

Diana F+ CMYK

Colors all around! The Diana F+ CMYK promises a wonderful shooting experience and an entertaining aesthetic all at the same time. Users can express themselves with its bold an electric colors!

Diana F+ Buttercup

Sunny days are always welcome when you're shooting with film! That's why Lomography came up with the Diana F+ Buttercup edition. Brighten up your shooting experience with this cheerful little number!

Diana F+ El Toro

Released by Lomography as an homage to Spain, its brave bulls, and graceful matadors; the Diana F+ El Toro is as bold as it can be. Take life by the horns with this edition that's glowing red with passion and flair.

Diana F+ Colette

Lomography tied up with Paris boutique Colette to bring you the Diana F+ Colette edition. This charming medium-format shooter features Colette's trademark blue dots and comes with a book inspired by the female perspective - Dialogues No. 1 "Through A Woman's Lens." Truly a special camera with lingering hints of the beautiful city of Paris!

Diana F+ Glow in the Dark

The Diana F+ parties even in the dark, literally with the Diana F+ Glow in the Dark edition! Enjoy the same lovely features that made the original Diana stand out with a lightweight luminous body.

Diana F+ Love Letters

Te amo, Diana! This special edition is all about love for the Diana cameras. The Diana F+ Love Letters is a cute and lovely medium-format camera that made hearts flutter during its global release. Spread the love all around with the Diana F+ Love Letters!

Diana F+ Sahara

Transform your regular shoots into an extraordinary trip to the Egyptian sand dunes with the Diana F+ Sahara. Filled with beautiful illustrations from a life in the desert, the Sahara edition inspires wanderlust and a thirst for shooting with film.

Diana F+ Mr. Pink

What's your color? For this Diana clone, it's all about the rosy glow of pink! The Diana F+ Mr. Pink is a statement piece that will have everyone looking your way. Shoot stylized medium-format shots with this lightweight camera anytime, anywhere!

Diana F+ Cai Guo-Qiang

Lomography pays tribute to the work of artist Cai Guo-Qiang with the release of a Diana F+ camera in his name. Featuring his designs and his signature, the Diana F+ Cai Guo-Qiang is a masterpiece that blends minimalism and analogue love into one unique package.

Diana F+ Take My Heart

Dressed up with fine art illustrations and striking red accents, the Diana F+ Take My Heart will easily belong to any camera collector's prized stash. Appreciate art and help create it with this talented medium-format camera.

Diana F+ Gold

We know that not all the glitters is gold but the Diana F+ Gold edition's luster is just too gorgeous not to mention. This gilded copy of the original Diana exudes high status and decadence unlike any other edition in the Diana family.

Diana F+ Chamonix

Relive your wonderful winter time memories with the Diana F+ Chamonix edition! This Diana clone wears a cute and snuggle sweater design and comes with cool features like multiple exposures, bulb mode, and a powerful flash to keep you shooting throughout the coldest time of the year.

Diana F+ Instant Camera

Lomography gave the Diana F+ a quick upgrade by letting it apply its signature effects to Instax Mini film with the Diana F+ Instant Camera! Alternating between 120 and instant film has never been easier with this Diana F+ edition.

Diana F+ MEG

Lomography teamed up with The White Stripes to create the Diana F+ MEG Edition. This special edition camera features the band's iconic black, white, and red color scheme and is the counter part of the 'Jack' Holga camera. White Stripes fans will surely love this adorable homage to the band.

Other Discontinued Diana Clones

Our honorable mention list includes some Diana clones that were discontinued, making them rare gems that can complete any Diana lover's collection:

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