Your Lomography Holiday Gift Guide 2023

What could be better than the powerful flash of an analogue camera to illuminate these magical holidays? This year, to welcome the festive spirit and prepare to celebrate these holidays in the best possible way, we are dusting off the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, the foundations of our way of thinking about and experiencing analogue photography. We have selected some of our most iconic products, perfect as gifts for anyone you would like to encourage to embark on an incredible new adventure in the world of Lomography, or maybe for yourself!

Golden Rule #1: Take your camera everywhere you go

You have absolutely no idea when the next opportunity for a perfect shot will happen. Maybe as you get out of bed in the morning, or on top of a mountain. The best photos come from those moments of spontaneity and impulsiveness that you never planned for!

Our Simple Use Reloadable cameras, preloaded with a Lomography film, are perfect to take anywhere you want, lightweight and easy to use. They come in five editions and are reloadable with any 35 mm film! But that's not all: discover the bundles available on our site, such as the Wedding Bundle (our Simple Use cameras make adorable wedding favors!), the Pool Party with a free Underwater Case or the Try Them All!

Looking for something even smaller to fit in your pocket and take with you every day? Our Diana Baby and Fisheye Baby cameras in the tiny 110 format are a truly delightful gift! May we remind you that we are currently the only producers in the world of 110 film.

Don't be caught off guard during your photo walks in the city. With our Lomogon and Neptune System Art Lenses, you'll be able to capture every tiny detail that catches your eye.

Alba Blanco Tomas - Diana Baby; Marta Aljama de Freitas - Simple Use Color Negative 400; Katharine Kollman - Simple Use Underwater Case

Golden Rule #2: Use it any time – day and night

Every second is special and every moment deserves to be remembered. So keep shooting!

For unique shots even in the dark, don't be afraid to use the flash! Among others, our Diana F+, Diana Mini and La Sardina cameras are equipped with a powerful flash to allow photographers to shoot great pictures in low light conditions.

Diana Oprisescu - Diana F+; Lomography - Diana Mini; Eva Solimeno - La Sardina

Golden Rule #3: Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it

Your camera is an extension of yourself and your desires. It sees in the same way you do, captures the feelings of the moment you take, and breathes life into each photo and each day you spend with it.

To capture every moment, without worrying about developing and scanning film, we recommend our range of instant cameras: three different formats - Mini, Square and Wide - to create indelible memories on Fujifilm Instax film.

And if you want to show your love for Lomography, we have several accessories to hang anywhere, also perfect for decorating your Christmas tree, perhaps along with your favorite instant photos! Key chains with miniature cameras, as well as stickers and magnets celebrating Lomography's 30th Anniversary. You can receive many of these cute accessories with the special bundles.

Speaking of Anniversary, if you want to give a really special gift, our iconic LC-Wide 30th Anniversary Edition is still available in our shop, with a free Krab underwater case!

Alfredo Buonanno - Lomo'Instant Wide; Simeon Smith - Diana Instant Square; Anthony Stone, Lomo'Instant Automat Glass

Golden Rule #4: Try the shot from the hip

Don't hide behind your camera – free yourself from conventions. Try not to look through the viewfinder and forget about safety margins! If we always shoot the same way, every photo will have the same perspective. How about holding the camera at your hip for your next shot? You'll get lots of amazing photos you didn't think you could take!

Experiment with Lomography's most experimental camera, the LomoApparat! Available in three wonderful editions in the handy 35 mm format, it includes several creative features, such as multiple and long exposure modes, colored gel filters and a handy flash slider, and the three lens filters – Splitzer, Close-up and Kaleidoscope. Perfect for both newcomers to analogue photography and the more experienced who are eager to try something new.

Lomography - LomoApparat

Golden Rule #5: Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible

An essential part of the Lomographic experience is to explore things thoroughly. For these holidays, we invite you to get closer and closer, without hesitation - don't miss a single moment of these wonderful days! Don't just be an observer, get up close and personal.

Whether you're at a party or under the city's Christmas lights, the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass Magellan camera will bring the whole universe close to you, thanks to a wide-angle glass lens and 0.3 m focus distance. For those precious moments that require even more attention to detail, combine the Close-up lens and shoot down to 0.1 m!

And for crazy close-up perspectives, try the Fisheye No.2 in its new Grape Jam edition and create spherical memories that you can cut out and hang on the tree along with the baubles thanks to the Fisheye Circle Cutter.

Photos taken by Simone Hundserer and Alexandra Bennet with the Fisheye No.2

Golden Rule #6: Don’t think (William Firebrace)

Do you remember when you were a child and everything happened so naturally? Every moment was special, and you didn't need to think about why it was that way. Let's go back to those days! Photograph whatever catches your eye, excites you, attracts you, seduces you. Your best photos will not be the ones you planned, but the ones you took when you picked up the camera and shot without thinking.

If you're looking for a gift for an aspiring filmmaker who shoots like a maverick, the LomoKino is perfect. With this retro camera you can shoot short analogue movies (up to 144 frames) on any 35 mm film - great for creating content for social media, too! You decide the speed. Turn the advance knob slowly for a low number of frames or quickly for a higher number of frames.

Photos taken by Renee Newman with the LomoKino

Golden Rule #7: Be fast

Let's face it, life moves fast and so you need a camera that is also ultra fast! Breathe deep, be brave, seize the opportunity, move, shoot, have fun and take action - that's Lomography!

With the ActionSampler camera, you can shoot four sequential images on a single frame. With a shutter speed of 1/100 second with exposure intervals of 0.22 seconds per frame. It is perfect for action-packed moments.

Photos taken with the ActionSampler

Golden Rule #8: You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film

If we already knew everything, where would the fun be? The best thing about any day is that you have no idea what is going to happen to you.

For lovers of extremely unpredictable results, we recommend our LomoChrome films for color-shifting effects, or the LomoMod camera, a completely DIY cardboard camera that you can build from scratch, with a lens that you can fill with liquid for truly amazing shots! Also available in the special experimental bundle which includes a selection of 120 films.

Here's another option for DIY enthusiasts - the Konstruktor DIY is a fully functional 35 mm SLR camera that you can easily build at home.

If you just can't wait and want more control over your results, especially when it comes to large format, you can use the LomoGraflok instant back compatible with Fujifilm Instax Wide films, designed to test your view camera settings and reproduce the magnificent details of large format photography on instant film. Definitely a welcome gift for large format photographers who own Graflok-equipped 4×5 cameras.

Daniel Schaefer - LomoMod; Elisa Parrino - LomoChrome Turquoise; Alessandro Atzori - LomoChrome Purple

Golden Rule #9: Afterwards either

You just picked up your developed film from the lab and – who is this person? What is that swirl of light on the image? How come the colors look like that? What about that random double exposure? What was I trying to photograph here? These lucky accidents are what we love about Lomography.

To find out what was imprinted on your negatives, you can use our DigitaLIZA Kits, designed to make the scanning process easy and fast. Try the DigitaLIZA + and scan with your digital camera, or the DigitaLIZA Max, which includes a stand for digitizing your negative with your smartphone. All our kits are ideal for those who want to save a little on scanning or for those who have started developing their own rolls at home and are looking for a simple tool to complete their setup.

Scanned with DigitaLIZA

Golden Rule #10: Don’t worry about any rules

Now the most important lesson. In life you must be true to yourself, not pander to rules or conform to norms. It's time to discover your personal version of Lomography and take pictures that express who you really are. Believe in yourself, focus on the important things, enjoy life in all its facets, forget about the technical features of the camera in your hand and shoot!

Many of the products mentioned are currently available on offer in our online shop! But there's more: we have prepared some special bundles for you, so you can save some money and at the same time get a magnificent gift for yourself or for the film enthusiasts in your life! Offers change daily so discover them now before they expire!

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