Newcomer of the Week: Bill Malone (@wjmalonerjr)


Traveling and chasing picturesque views fuel Bill Malone's photography. Get to know our featured newcomer from USA, who goes by the moniker @wjmalonejr, in this brief interview.

Credits: wjmalonejr

Name: Bill Malone
LomoHome: @wjmalonejr
Location: Boston, MA, USA

Please tell us something about yourself and what you do.

I've been making photographs since I was a kid and only recently began to put them out there in public communities such as this one. I have lived in the Boston area with my family all my life but have been fortunate to travel extensively which inspires my love for photography.

How did you find the Community and who/what convinced you to join?

I was watching TV one morning and saw a teaser about why people are moving back to film from digital. I ended up being late for work watching this piece about Lomography, what the community is about, and what happens here. I knew instantly I had to find out more and ended up joining within five minutes of clicking on the page!

Credits: wjmalonejr

As you have read the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, what rule do you apply in your everyday life?

"Don't Think" is a rule I sometimes apply even when I don't want to in everyday life...The one I utilize the most, especially when making photographs is "Don't worry about the rules". At the end of the day, your photography is your vision, what you're seeing and may be an interpretation or mood. Even though there may be an audience, the vision is yours.

In this digital age, why still film?

This is what caught my attention in the first place: people who still feel strongly about film as a viable medium. There's something about film that I feel can't be matched by digital when making photographs. The process of literally "freezing" a moment in time, developing and processing it. The look and "feel" of the finished product...there's something romantic about it. As corny as it sounds, there's something lost in that when talking about pixels and memory cards.

Credits: wjmalonejr

Your favorite analogue camera as of the moment? Why?

My absolute favorite camera and the one that would crush me if it ever stopped working would be my 35mm Canon Rebel Ti 300v with a standard 58mm lens - just fantastic !

What is the Lomography camera you’d want to have someday?

The Lomo'Instant Automat Glass Magellan looks like a fine piece of equipment and is definitely on the wish list.

Any song, movie, or book you live by?

Music is a constant driving force behind some of my more "arty" photographs. Anything from Beethoven to EDM to jazz...whatever sets a mood. I love Raiders of the Lost Ark and the rest of the Indiana Jones movies because he always ends up traveling the world and going to some pretty cool, photogenic places.

Share your current favorite Lomograph, could be yours or a friend’s. Why is this your favorite?

So far most of the photography I've seen here has been outstanding and very inspiring! So many talented eyes out there. It's a little intimidating! This one by @indiakp has been a favorite of mine since I came to the community. It's one of the first ones I saw and a photograph I've tried to take a million times but failed.

Credits: indiakp

Any community member you look up to? If so, why him or her?

I've visited @metaluna quite frequently. I love his use of black and white imagery, a passion I share. I also recommend visiting @fragakis_p. His photography is equally ethereal.

What are you looking forward to in our community?

I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to share more of my photography with the community, while having access to an amazing collection of photographs--both for enjoyment and inspiration--as well as all of the great information and products available here. Cheers!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, @wjmalonejr! Welcome to the community and we're looking forward to seeing more of your photographs!

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  1. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    @wjmalonejr thank you very much for your comment! I really appreciate it

  2. wjmalonejr
    wjmalonejr ·

    @fragakis_p Thank You - Your photography is fantastic !!

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