Maxime Simoncelli and the Magic in the Woods

2017-03-18 1

We travel far to find beauty in the unknown; we cross oceans, terrains and even the boundless sky for such undertaking. To photographer Maxime Simocelli, the forest is such a place to wait and see such surprises and mysteries.

© Maxime Simoncelli

Maxime goes with the non de plume "Sylfvr" which means "sulfur" -- a chemical he likes not because of its scent or chemical use, but of alchemy. And alchemy, torn between primitive chemistry and magic, runs deep in Maxime's aesthetics.

The forest in Maxime's hometown is a dark elysium of surprises and never-ending mysteries. To fear, or not to fear the creaking of branches the howls and whispers of winds, the cautious steps of animals, the darkness of dusk are collectively a part of his photographic work. His images are often misted and shrouded, with strong specks of colors showing off their magic. A fantasy land not for the comfortable, but for the curious, one that is synonymous to a Tolkienian Middle Earth.

© Maxime Simoncelli
© Maxime Simoncelli

Maxime's inspiration come from several sources: painters Odilon Redon, Gustave Moreau and Yoshitaka Amano; and most of all, musicians like Alcest, Agalloch, Porcupine Tree and Ulver. To Maxime, the magic of his photography runs wild and free, ever crossing and risking the dangers of the unknown.

© Maxime Simoncelli

Wait for our exclusive interview with Maxime soon. In the meantime, visit his website, Facebook and Instagram. All images are with permission from Maxime Simoncelli.

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