Ryan Razon Shares His First Encounter with the Lomography F2 Film


Besides having the most fun jobs here at Lomography, our store staff here at the NYC space are active working photographers. So when the opportunity comes to test out our newest film stock, the Lomography F2/400 Color Negative film, all of us are jumping at the chance with the same intensity as you dedicated lomographers!

First up to the bat is our NYC Staff Member Ryan Razon, who tested the low light capabilities of the film coupled with a pushed development process for some low light portraiture with model Eva Zhou on the streets of New York. Below we take a look at some of his results and hear about his notes on the F2 film:

Briefly introduce yourself to the lomography community:

Hi all, my name is Ryan Razon, currently studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology and occasionally grinding at Lomography NYC. I'm an artist till I find a real job.

When you first got hold of the F2 film, what sparked your mind as something unique this film had to offer?

Lomography is known for its unique color films, I honestly did not know what to expect but definitely did a lot better than I could have imagined.

What did you end up shooting with the film?

I did an editorial shoot for Willy Chavarria New York with my good friend Eva Zhou.

Can you describe your camera and lens setup?

The only camera you need besides a Diana! A Leica M6 with a 50mm.

When compared to a normal color negative film stock, how did the f2 film stand out amongst the rest?

Oh man, the colors are insane. In a good way. The blues and reds are its strongest.

Do you have any tips for first time shooters?

Do what you love, inspire and be inspired. Oh, and Push the F2 +1, it's great.

What else do you have planned to use the F2 film for?

F2 +2 ? Might be too much. I guess I'll shoot my next frames on daylight with it's recommended box speed.

Where else can we find your work?

My site is currently on the works but keep an out out for it.

Virb / Personal Instagram @Chancetheryan

... and for any Leica Lovers or Losers, I am the curator for @Leicalosers

Be sure to stop by the shop to pick up your rolls of F2 before they're all gone, and follow us on Instagram for more updates direct from our gallery store!

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